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Is It Cake Winner Name? Who won Is It Cake season 1 on Netflix? Confirmed


Is It Cake Winner Name? Who won Is It Cake season 1 on Netflix? Confirmed: Netflix always takes care of the choices of its onlookers and what kind of content they loved to watch. Due to that, this platform is always coming up with different and unique content. For the amusement of its fans, the streaming platform is streamed a brand new Netflix reality baking competition titled “Is It Cake” that pits bakers against one another to attempt and fool many judges by making ultra-realistic cakes. If you are here, of course, want to know who became the first Is It Cake Winner, and we have got the answer you are looking below, along with how much they won!” Follow More Update OnĀ GetIndiaNews.com

Is It Cake Winner

Is It Cake Winner?

For those who do not know where the concept of the show came from, the “Is It Cake” trend was all the rage in the summer of 2020. Everyone was turned on social media, individuals were posting images and making their pals and followers guess whether it was cake or not. Continue to read to know more about it.

Who won Is It Cake season 1 on Netflix?

In the 8th and final episode of the 1st season of Is It Cake, Andrew Fuller went shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow bakers Hemu Basu and April Julian (a former Halloween Wars champ, by the way!” Their job was to design the “cake of their dreams” for a shot at the ultimate prize of $50,000. Andrew Fuller concluded up triumphing the finale. Those who frequently watch the Food Network probably identified Fuller from some of the famous baking competitions of the network like Candyland and Halloween Baking Championship.

Judges for the final included comedian Loni Love, Karamo Brown of Queer Eye, and Saturday Night Live vet Bobby Moynihan. Andrew ended up winning with his intricately designed suitcase. April made a sewing machine, and Hemu made a marble statue cake. Whereas all 3 were alluring, Andrew took home the grand prize.

How Much Money Did The Is It Cake Winner Take Home?

Apart from winning the $50,000 grand prize, Andrew also triumphed an additional $30,000 from triumphing several other competitions all over the 1st season, meaning he won an impressive $80,000 in all!

In the final moments of the last episode, an emotional Andrew said to the cameras that “I have never come this far in something. I feel like I am stepping into the person I am supposed to be, and it is just the cake show, but this is big for me… Thank you so much. I love you guys.

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