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Is Elizabeth Jasso Found Dead? Elizabeth Jasso Baytown Texas Missing Woman 9 Months Pregnant With Dead Husband’s Twins!


There is sad news for the people who have been following the case of missing woman Elizabeth Jasso who went missing on 5th August, She has been found by the police in Baytown, it has been confirmed by the family and the police, the girl is safe and the claims of her pregnancy are a bunch of lies as she is not pregnant. It has been confirmed by the Baytown Police Department to ABC 13, the girl met the detectives on Tuesday at 1:00 pm, it has been stated by the authorities, she is safe, there has been no crime or foul play in the whole scenario and she was not pregnant prior to her vanishing away.

Is Elizabeth Jasso Died

Is Elizabeth Jasso Found Dead?

Baytown police ahs stated in a statement, they believe she is going through many emotions and is probably in a mental health crisis, the 31-year-old was seen driving her white BMW which is a 2017 model having a Texas license plate NZK4426 when she was seen for the last time. the case went viral on social media as there was a post which was posted by her mother-in-law as she was pleading to find Jasso, as of now the post has been deleted from Facebook as she stated she is pregnant for 40 weeks.

Elizabeth Jasso Baytown Texas

But now it has been revealed she was never pregnant which has been stated by ABC 13, the case seems to gain the continuous interest of the public because of the twist and turns which are being seen in the case. the page in which people have been discussing her being missing has about 22,000 members.

She also goes by the name of Liz Jasso and her maiden name is Elizabeth Cano, when she went missing on the day, she said she was going to be induced to give birth to twins, she wrote this on her Facebook page on 4th August. She was seen last on 5th August, she posted a photo of her husband’s grave staing her hear is filled up with so much sadness and joy, she further stated all she can imagine is his big smile which was beautiful, she further stated she promises that Royalty and Cash are always going to remember about how great they are as she ended by saying she loves Pendejo forever and ever.

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