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Is Colin De Grandhomme Died or Alive? Colin De Grandhomme Death Hoax Explained


Is Colin De Grandhomme Died or Alive? Colin De Grandhomme Death Hoax Explained, A tweet by New Zealand Cricket Board is making a buzz over social media, not only in social media it is also floating in the news headlines. The tweet is so surprising and misunderstood by a fan of  Colin de Grandhomme. Yes, you have read it right, stay tuned to us to grab the whole story regarding the same. The tweet is treading over social media and the fans of him are in the confusion but all they missed is the word ‘Mullet’.

Colin De Grandhomme Death

Is Colin De Grandhomme Died or Alive?

In the tweet, we will be going to reads, “The famous personality  Colin de Grandhomme mullet is no more.’ After reading this the fan of him are in shock and they are commenting on several queries asking about the reason for his death and a lot more. But it’s just sarcasm as the fans missed reading mullet also written in this tweet.

If we talk about the relation between the New Zealand Cricketers and their players then they use to be very frank and close to each other, whether they are on the field or off-field. So here is the most recent and most trending incident which can prove this. As the board tweeted about it’s one of the most popular team players for cutting off his mullet preceding the series in a face-off against Pakistan. ‘

Colin De Grandhomme Death?

Colin de Grandhomme is one of the most well-known players and he was seen in 2019 at World Cup. He was the only player on the team who has been led by multiple captains. He is a batsman in a team and he is a right-handed player. He makes his team proud many times and he is like the heat of the team. He also comes under the star squad list of the team. He has a huge fan following and this made his fans shocked and disheartened.

His fans took to the tweeter and they hear news of his demise but later they realize that the tweet by New Zealand Cricket is written in a  sarcastic way. The confusion clears when they also friend ‘ mullet’.

Bufferedstart wrote, ‘Rest In Peace”.

Whereas one more fan of him wrote, ‘Life is so unpredictable.”

Another tweet reads, “it is difficult to believe that the legend leaves us this early. He was the best personality and the only one who was allrounder.”

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