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Is Celia Pacquola Married? Celia Pacquola Partner Or Dating? Relationship explored!


Is Celia Pacquola Married? Celia Pacquola Partner Or Dating? Relationship explored: The fans are always keen to know more about their favourite celebs and especially curious to know about their love life. The love life of the celebrity is always a keen topic of discussion amongst the fans. One such love matter of comedian and actress is currently the hot topic of discussion as her fans want to know that is married or dating? Now you must be thinking about whom we are talking about so in this article we are talking about the popular Australian comedian and actress, Celia Pacquola. In order to know about the love life of the comedian just keep reading this article.

Celia Pacquola

Is Celia Pacquola Married?

Celia Pacquola is a popular Australian actress and comedian. Being a best friend’s Luke McGregor and Celia’s show Rosehaven came to a conclusion on Wednesday, 22nd September 2021. One of the most praised Australian series concluded with Barbara (The mother of Daniel) needing Emma and Daniel’s help to reeducate. Now the fans want to know Is Celia Married Or Dating?

Celia Pacquola

Celia Pacquola Partner Or Dating?

According to the reports, Celia Pacquola being married and the same is for her partner. She earlier dated Toby Truslove from the year 2008 to 2013. After the breakup, she never shared her love life in front of the public and always kept it under the curtains. But in a recent interview, Celia stated that the year 2020 lockdown in Melbourne brought a final stage to her relationship with her boyfriend with whom she had been dating and going out for 3 years. And after that, the comedian is probably single.

Celia Pacquola

Though, Celia’s Rosehaven partner Luke can be most often a prospect of her love life. Both met each other during the shooting in Utopia in the year 2014. After that, both agreed to work on Rosehaven together, and now after the 7 years after their first encounter, Celia stated that she has not spent more time with anyone in her life except Luke.

Celia Pacquola

Its further added that the Australian actress also says that their real relationships are quite familiar to their reel characters. She thinks that both are different, understands each other’s differences, and completely trusts each other. Perhaps she does not see the man in that manner but only God knows what is the actual truth.

Celia Pacquola

Celia Pacquola Age

Presently, the comedian and actress are 38 years old. She was born on 12th February 1983 in Yarra Glen which is in Australia. Grew up in her birthplace enclosed by all sorts of animals, cows, and dogs, she is an animal lover. Celia is a comedian, writer, presenter, and actress. She is popularly known for her Utopia, Rosehaven, and The Beautiful Lie.

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