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Is Berlin Alive In Money Heist Season 5? Pedro Alonso Character’s Explored


These days we all are watching an interesting AD almost on every social media platform. Such a unique way to welcome the most popular Spanish crime series “Money Heist” and the crime series is back with the most awaited 5th season which will offer new menaces for the red-clad gang. The fans are keen to watch this 5th season and within the excitement of new breakout plans, admirers are also aware of the fact that actor Pedro Alonso who is playing the role of Berlin in the series will be returning to feature in this new chapter and in this blog, we are explaining how the last killed-off role is back in the 5th chapter.

Is Berlin Alive In Money Heist 5

Is Berlin Alive In Money Heist Season 5?

The bad news for the fans is that their favorite character, Berlin does not come back in the 5th season but instead presents in the current season to the other a series of flashbacks. Berlin, whose real name is Andres de Fonollosa, unveiled that he was fatally ill at the time of Part 1, and in Part 2, he sacrificed himself as a lure, in order to let the rest of the gang to get escaped and therefore got assassinated under the police fire.

At the time of part 3rd, Berlin continues to be the main part of the series despite the role’s death by presenting through a series of flashbacks from many years prior to the events of the 3rd Part. These flashbacks featured that Berlin planning the heist in a Bank of Spain as well as his wedding to Tatiana.

At a set image released at the time of filming the 5th Part of the series, admirers are quickly spotted Alson in the line-up, powering rumors that his role was magically returning back to life. Though, the role’s involvement in the 3rd part, Berlin came back for the 5th part only through flashbacks. The 5th part of the 4th episode is a major episode for Berlin as the role’s past heists are explained.

Berlin’s heist at the castle is portrayed and addressed as an important lesson to his son. As son and father eloped with a suitcase of Viking old, Berlin fling the stolen treasure into the water to make sure that his son’s hubris does not involve another heist. obviously, the treasure is not lost, as Bogota turns up in scuba-diving gear. To know the entire story just watch it on Netflix and stay tuned with us.

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