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Is Atriox Dead? Halo Infinite Ending and Post-Credits Scene Explained


Is Atriox Dead? Halo Infinite Ending and Post-Credits Scene Explained: Halo Infinite open-world structure may prove to be the future of this franchise’s gameplay but it is about the way the game end and the post-credits of the game which is being talked about on the internet as of this point in time, it seems like this has become a hot topic in the gaming world. Gamers have been going crazy about the ending scenes and the post-credits which they saw in the Halo Infinite, the story falls somewhere between a reboot and the next chapter of the Halo Saga as it has been told so far, these are the moments in the game which are clearly designed to get the series back to its roots. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Atriox Dead

Is Atriox Dead?

There are numerous scenes that dive into the series to lay the foundation for whatever comes next.

Halo Infinite Ending and Post-Credits Scene Explained

Halo infinite post-credits scene features a mysterious figure, it has been said that the mysterious figure is soon going to be revealed as Atriox who is seen approaching the terminal, inserting a key and triggering a sequence involving what appears to be a series of objects which have been built by the Forerunners, the silent sequence doesn’t offer much information and what is actually going on.

Interestingly Atriox also says in the post-credits, “if Halo cannot end them, it must imprison them.” He also mentions that the “engineers will be busy” and that they will soon learn their secrets. The voice says that it cannot do this alone, but Atriox says that they shall not be alone because the “Criterion has given the order.”

It has to be said that most of the parts when it comes to the details are being kept mysterious as of this point in time and that details are probably going to reveal, however, there are some speculations and rumors which are going on about the hidden information.

Atriox seem to be working for a mysterious group and it seems to be using their power and the mission that they assigned him as an excuse in order to trigger potentially devastating action which he believes in containing some kind of threat, it seems like there are going to be interesting revelations about the post-credits and the ending scene.

We will be updating you in the coming days and weeks, we will keep you updated as soon as something comes under our radar.

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