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Irish Woman Mother-Of-Two Dies In Turkey After Surgery


Irish Woman Mother-Of-Two  Dies In Turkey After Surgery: Currently, a piece of news has been viral on the internet that, who did an Irish Woman died in Turkey.  It is not clear now who the Irish woman got entered Turkey, but as the official update, the Irish woman has died in Turkey during her medical procedure. According to the report, she is the mother of two children, who came to Turkey for taking Medical Treatment, but sadly she has been demise now. She left behind her two children. When it asked the Department of Foreign Affairs, it said that it is aware of the case and providing consular services for the family. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Woman Dies In Turkey After Surgery

Irish Woman Dies In Turkey After Surgery

But it could not declare other information about the woman. It is also clear now, that the woman who has died at the Turkish hospital was an Irish woman. She is understood to be the mother of children from the Southeast region, who traveled to Turkey for getting medical treatment, but unfortunately, she could be saved, she lost her life during the medical procedure.

Irish Woman Dies In Turkey

This is not the first time when an Irish citizen came to Turkey for getting a medical procedure. She was more of a member of the list who came to Turkey for getting treatment. She was the mother of two sons, whose mother has been died during a medical procedure in Turkey. As per her cousins, she was a lovely lady, she was very beautiful too. Who went to Turkey for getting better, but who knows if she would not come back. She went to Turkey for a medical procedure in the month of April, it was in Turkey, everyone relative to her was expecting she would be fine, but who knows if she would be left this world too early. She died according to the report on 30 April 2022.

Woman Mum-Of-Two  Dies In Turkey After Surgery

When she demise her body has been sent to her home, for her final demise procedure. When she reached her home, her family took her obituary this week. It is not clear yet what medical procedure she went to Turkey. It is only revealed that the woman who did during the medical procedure was from Ireland. People used to go to Turkey for getting medical treatment from various European countries. One of her cousins said that our lovely cousin had gone far too early, she deserved a very beautiful life, but nothing could be done now, she has been gone very far from us now.

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