The next innings of the musical battle of the most amazing and favorite reality show “Indian Pro Music League” is ready for the amusement of the audiences. The show successfully created a separate fan base and popular amongst the audiences as their favorite singers perform every week on the show. This reality show is particularly different from other singing reality shows due to its theme. In the upcoming episode of this reality show, the viewers will be going to listen to many magical voices of the singers which will surely take the audience on a musical ride.

Indian Pro Music League

Indian Pro Music League Elimination

The performance of the Punjab Lions will grab the attention and steal the hearts of the viewers. Asses Kaur along with two brilliant singes perform on the song “Ye Jo Halka Halka Suroor Hai” creates a musical environment on the set of the show. Their voice is so magical and soothing for ears that the heart says to be heard again and again. The song is already magical and their voice makes it more beautiful.

Asses Kaur will get a surprise, seeing which she becomes very emotional as today’s the makers of the show will invite her father on the show and his entry will also very unique. He enters while singing the song “Bol Na Mahi Bolna” and when he enters everyone will stand up and welcomes him on the show. Host Karan Wahi asks him that he watched Assess journey on the show what he feels about it. Her father says that her journey was started in Panipat and she always used to say that she wanted to be a singer.

He further added she always said, Papa takes me to Bombay and I was like how can I take you there as we don’t know anyone there. I said if you get the call then we would think about it and then she got the call and then she said let’s go. At that time I thought we thought that 10 days will go, someone, is new to do something and will come back and marry her. But she still here. 

Apart from the musical performance, the viewers will see the different styles of singer Kailash Kher as he wears the attire of goon, and in the background, the music is playing the title “We are the Bhai”. When he takes the entry everyone on the set got amazed and Mika Singh gives him the name Kailash generator. Guys do not miss out on this episode if you want to see a full package of entertainment. Watch this fascinating episode of “Indian Pro Music League” on the Zee TV channel at 8:00 PM and stay connected with us for more such updates.


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