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(IPML) Indian Pro Music League, 12th June 2021, Today’s Episode, Shraddha Kapoor and Siddhant Kapoor Special Performances!


The concept of the show has been something that has been the talk of the reality shows as the show has been really amazing when it comes to the concept of the show which is that there are teams according to the different states of the country and the teams are being owned by many of the famous faces and the team includes professional and established singers who are the part of the industry and they are going to be battling out with each other to make their respective team win,

Indian Pro Music League

The show has been gaining a lot of attention because of the unique concept that they have come up with and it has worked out for the show in a phenomenal manner as the audiences are showering the show with the viewership and it seems like that this is going to be the case for the rest of the time that the show is going to be aired as the show contains so many celebrities and the audiences are definitely watching the show to see their favorite celebrities that the audiences are a fan of the show has been airing o Zee Tv AT 8:00 pm every weekend,

It has been getting so much attention from the fans as the quality of the performances is so high because of the sheer talent and experience that these teams carry as they are established singers in the industry and the margin for error on the show is none to less. In today’s episode, you are going to see Akriti Kakar who is killing the stage with her amazing performance, even Kailash Kher is going to be performing on the stage and his powerful voice is going to make the audiences crazy as we all know what a legend he is and it seems like that the competition is pretty close as the point table looks so indecisive as every team is performing pretty well and the competition is too close at this point in time, the judges are also going to be performing for the sake of the audiences just to make things a little more interesting.


The special guest is going to be Govinda and her wife and daughter who are also the owner of Bengal Tigers are going to be coming on the show to make thing more interesting and it seems like that he is going to make everyone groove with what he is capable of and the audiences are going to be having a lot of fun.

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