COVID-19 pandemic has paused a lot of operations and this includes sports events as well. Another news came amidst this is that the T20 World Cup in Australia is postponed for these years. There very so many speculations made regarding the World Cup. Whether the World Cup will take place or not and finally all these speculations have been put to a hold. The International Cricket Council announced this news this week. The news was kept on hold for the past few weeks and finally, the decision is out.

The end of something is the beginning of another. Now as the T20 World Cup has been postponed for this year, there are chances that the cricket fan lovers will be getting the IPL for this season. Probably there are chances that the IPL 2020 will be conducted.

ipl 2020 fixture

One of the board representatives to ICC said that,

“The T20 World Cup will be postponed this week. ICC is not left with any other option now. It’s unfortunate but seeing the situation with Covid19 this we all believe is the rights decision.”

The cases of coronavirus have been rising day by day. Until now there are no proper vaccines for the deadly disease as every country is trying its best to contain the virus as soon as possible.

The cases in Victoria where the T20 World Cup was going to be held has seen a steep rise in cases as on June 30th. Hence amidst this organizing, a match is not a clever thing to do as it might risk the safety of a lot of people.  This also led to AFL and NRL matches being moved out from Victoria to other states. The decision of the hour is to postpone the matches as it remains the only option for the ICC.

This postponement of the T20 World Cup match gives a free window to BCCI. The BCCI is now free to conduct the IPL matches for this season. Speculations are made that the IPL will be taking place in the month of September 2020 and will be carried out till November 2020. Apparently it seems like the dates have also been finalized by the board. The dates which are zeroed down for hosting the IPL event are from Sep 26th to Nov 8th.

India has been seeing a steep rise in the number of coronavirus infections, conducting IPL in between this is not wise. Hence the board has decided to take the event to UAE. The venue seems apt as it has all the desired factors which are needed in this hour of time that is, good infrastructure, logistics, and access to three stadiums. Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi all three locations are apt for the event to be conducted. Mostly the players are comfortable staying in Dubai as it gives them access to Sharjah within 30 mins and Abu Dhabi is one and a half-hour drive.

The matches can be held behind closed doors. The fact that the UAE has previously hosted the tournament, in 2014, is also working to its advantage.

Another option that was discussed by the board was Sri Lanka. But it seems like the board will be moving forward with the decision of UAE rather than the island.


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