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What Is iPhone Bionic Reading? viral tool for iPhone and Mac explained


What Is iPhone Bionic Reading? viral tool for iPhone and Mac explained: If you are an Apple user and you use iPhones, iPad and Macbooks then this article is for you. Because apple introduced a new feature named Bionic Reading where your reading experience will go to the next level. This new feature will enhance your reading skills. Through this feature, one who faces difficulty in the reading. They won’t find it more difficult because from now on Bionic Reading will help the readers to easily find the text where they left it. With the help of Bionic Reading, readers get a new experience and find it easier to consume the content. This tool will help those people who don’t know where they left the last time. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

iPhone Bionic Reading

What Is iPhone Bionic Reading?

This tool was created by Swiss developer Renato Cassat. The device is described as a new method that facilitates the process of reading by guiding the eye through text with artificial fixation points. In other words, this tool will highlight the first letter of each sentence where the reader left off. In a nutshell, this tool separates individual parts of words, highlights only the initial letters, and lets your brain do the rest. Still not found? Don’t worry. We are mentioning some photos and videos where you will be able to understand it better.

iPhone Bionic Reading

iPhone Bionic Reading viral tool explained

When this news surfaced on the internet, many users were curious to know about this new feature. This news went viral on every social media platform and every tech news site and social media site was covering it. Introducing the Bionic Reading feature will help Apple users find the text where they left off last time. Also, readers are not required to point the finger at every sentence. This feature will be done automatically. This feature is a complete game-changer and it is unbelievable for everyone who uses this new feature.

iPhone Bionic Reading Viral On Twitter

About 10,000 tweets have come to know more about this feature. And in less than 24 hours 56,000 likes have been given to this feature. This gives positive feedback to creators which means people are liking it. When it will come officially, it was not been announced yet. The date was not mentioned. But they will say, it will come soon. As of now, we have this much information, if anything comes up we definitely notify you. Till then follow this site.

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