Home News Ioanna Paliospirou Acid Attack Victim Makes First Public Appearance

Ioanna Paliospirou Acid Attack Victim Makes First Public Appearance


Ioanna Paliospirou Acid Attack Victim Makes First Public Appearance: There has been a sad case of an acid attack and the victim is a 37-year-old who was wearing a special protection mask on her face, she was also wearing gloves and a hat, this is the first time after the horrible attack which took place in the month of May in 2020 that she has appeared in public.

Ioanna Paliospirou Acid Attack

Ioanna Paliospirou Acid Attack

There was so much crowd who were there to support her, they were standing outside the court and all of them were cheering “Bravo” and “Hero”, she gave her first statement after the court session, she stated her attacker naming Efi who is at the age of 36 is a coward.

She further stated as to what a coward the culprit is, she stated she is the one who tried to kill me and she has proved how cold and cowardly she is by nature, it has been stated the accused was absent and the trial has been adjourned for 30th September, this has happened at the request of district prosecutor.


This has been done to rearrange the order of the witnesses, they want to examine Loanna first who has been fifth in the list, after today’s proceedings, the name of all of the 34 witnesses were read out, there are 5 more proposed witnesses who are scientists for the most part.

It has been stated by the defense, it is intending to provide a list of witnesses at a pretty large stage, it has been stated by the defense lawyer, her client decided to not show up at the court for today, the lawyers added she is going to be there at the time of trial and she is going to be there to provide everyone with her explanations about the incident that took place.

The lawyer has stated, the charge of murder is completely wrong and it should be changed to “grievous bodily harm, it has been stated and seen Loanna has suffered severe burn injuries which is mainly on her face when the attacker was lurking her and she threw a bottle of caustic vitriol at her, this happened in Kallithea which is a suburb of Southern Athens.

Both of the women are from the same village but they were not in contact for many years which has been reported by the local media, the attacker was pretty much obsessed with the victim and the culprit even placed a tracking device on her car to keep on where she is, because of the incident Loanna has gone under nine injuries up until now.

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