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International Labour Day 2021: Why May 1 is celebrated as Labour’s Day? Theme, history, significance


International Workers’ Day which is also known as Labour Day and referred to as May Day is a commemoration of labourers and workers throughout the world. The day is celebrated on 1st May and dedicated to labourers to motivate and encourage their contribution and also motivate them to be cognizant of their rights. In several countries, this day is a public holiday for the working classes and this day promoted by the international movement of labour.

International Labour Day 2021

International Labour Day 2021

A United Nations agency, The International Labour Organisation which works for the welfare of and the standards of the labours has released a statement on World Day for Safety and Health at Work wrote that ” Countries and territories need to establish sound and strong health systems and occupational safety that would reduce the risks for everybody in the global of work in the event of forthcoming health emergencies”.

The History and Significance of May Day

This day gives glories to the hard-working workers and labours amongst the world and commemorates their attainment. The Labour Union Movement was started in the United States in the 19th century and in Canada and United States, Workers’ Day is though commemorated on the First Monday in the month of September, respecting workers and their big roles in society. In the year 1989, a party of Socialist groups and the trade unions, in the United States appointed on 1st May as a particular day for the workers and labours.

This day was in memento of the Haymarket Riots in Chicago in the year 1886, when a worker protest rally turned brutal after somebody threw an explosive at the cops. Around more than eight people were demised as a result of brutality that day. In spite of a lack of proofs against them, eight fiery labour activists were guilty.” In Europe on 1st May, has factual always been associated with rural conventional agriculturists festivals but subsequent on May Day became related with the contemporary labour movement.

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