Greta Thunberg is a most popular Activist from Swedish who challenges world leaders to take sudden action against climate change. And she stands up in the support of Indian Farmer Protest. Which is going on in India in Delhi since the “Three Farm Act” passed POI in September 2020. Farmers of India are against this law hence they are protesting. The opposition parties and multiple farms unions have described the “Farm Bills” as an “anti-farm-law”.

Rihanna, Mia Khalifa Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, at 1:34 Am has tweeted, Linking the news “India Cut Internet at New Delhi as farmers protesting” she wrote, “We Stand in solidarity with farmers protest in India”. She is the second foreign celebrity who supporting farmer’s protests. Yes, before her Rihanna an American Pop singer and most profound personality of the music industry in America has been tweeted in the support of Indian Farmers.

On Tuesday, February 2, 2021, at 8:59 Pm Rihanna tweeted, linking the same news she wrote, “Why aren’t we talking about Farmers Protest”. Along with them, there are many other international famed personalities and celebrities who have taken a stand in the support of the Indian Farmers Protest. Latewithlilly tweeted taking the posting the screenshot of Rihanna’s original tweet, “She thanked Rihanna to speak in the support of humanity issue”.

Rihanna, Mia Khalifa and Greta Thunberg

Meena Harris is one of them, she tweeted, “It’s not a coincidence that India’s internet connection has been shut down, it is related. Hence we all should offend with the violence of the Indian government farmers”. As per her tweet, it seems that she is directly trying to appeal to the Indian Government to accept the demand of farmers. Vanessa Nakate the climate justice activist of Uganda has also tweeted that “Our tummy is filled by farmers, take a stand and support them”.

Now it’s time where the government should take action in support of farmers as the situation has become worst day by day. Many farmers from all around the country are suffering a lot. As they are separated from their families, even several families have lost their loved ones after the Trolly March on Republic Day, and there are old age protesters also.


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