If we talk about Friday dating to 30th July, Hayes Grier who has played the character of Alum in ‘ Dancing with the Stars has been arrested in North Carolina as he has been alleged for assaulting and robbing an individual. the public reports have shown, 21 years old has been detained on Friday in Charlotte, it has been stated, he is going to be facing 3 separate charges which are common law robbery, felony conspiracy, and assault as he has serious body injuries to the person.

Hayes Grier

The fans of the reality star are pretty shocked by what is being stated and people have been sharing their thoughts about the alleged assault as no one is able to believe that he has actually done such a thing and many of the people are theorizing that what must have happened.

Who is Hayes Grier?

His full name is Benjamin Hayes Grier became pretty famous on the platform which is Vine which happened in the year 2013, he has also appeared on Dancing with the Stars which happened in the year 2015 at the time he was 15 years old.

Hayes Grier was the youngest male contestant on the show and was partnered with the choreographer Emma Slate and after the fame that he received, he started off his Youtube channel and he has now about 900,000 subscribers on the platform, the guy has 5 million followers on Instagram and many of the famous celebrities follow him.

Hayes Grier family even managed to bag a show thanks to the fame of Hayes that he has got from the internet and the show used to air on the Verizon Go90 app, the show was known as Top Grier and it had a decent run for 3 seasons and the guy was also featured in the Hulu Show Freakish that happened in the first season.

Instagram Influencer Hayes Grier Arrested In North Carolina

It has been stated by the police that the assault has left the victim with a left orbital bone which is broken, bruised ribs, hearing loss, and head trauma, for now, he is out on bail for the time being which happened after posting $17,500 in bond and it seems like the situation has not yet been addressed by him or y his representative and fans are criticizing the actor heavily for his uncalled behavior and it has to be said, he has lost many of his fans because of what he has done.


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