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Inspector Vikram Kannada Movie Released On OTT Sun NXT Review and Ratings, Cast, Storyline, Plot!


The most appreciable south movie “Inspector Vikram” is releasing soon. The film is scheduled to be released on 2nd April 2021. The movie will gonna be stream on the OTT Platform the Sun NXT. It is the Kannada language film that holds the action in the entire movie. The thriller is helmed by Narasimha. And the producer of the film is Vikhyatah AR. This is news creating buzz over social media.

Inspector Vikram

Inspector Vikram Kannada Movie On OTT Sun NXT

Trailer of the film “Inspector Vikram”:-

The promo is 1 minute 2 seconds long. Which consist of the action drama. In the trailer, we can see a male lead inspector Vikram is a wise and strong man who always took stands for commoners and needy people. On the other hand, he is in the love with a most beautiful girl. Criminals use to afraid of him. The girl is also a police personal.

Character Vikram:-

Vikram is a strong character in the film,  who always stood by the needy people. His name has the powerfully and he is a highly popular inspector in his area. Criminals sure to afraid of him when they get to know about his presence near them. He will be seen beating up criminals and goons. Vikram is the craziest lover. And he is the handsome hunk in the movie for the girls of his city.

The entire cast of the film “Inspector Vikram”:-

  • Prajwal Devaraj
  • Raghu Mukherjee
  • Bhavana Menon
  • Avinash
  • Shobhraj
  • Dharma

About Prajwal Devaraj:-

Prajwal Devaraj is the main lead in the film who is playing the role of sagacious inspector Vikram. Prajwal I the profound actor of the Kannada film industry, and also known as “Dynamic Hero” of the Kannada film industry. As per the wiki-bio, he is also filming for his forthcoming thriller “Arjun Gowda” and ‘Veeram”. While his first home production film is “Neenzde Naa” in which he plays the role of Dev.

Role of Bhavana Menon in the film:-

Bhavana Menon will be seen as the female lead in the film who is playing the role of Vikram’s girlfriend¬† She is also a police personal who falls in love with Vikram and use to tease him in the entire movie. She is coming up as the best supporting lead actress in the film as per the trailer.

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