The past few days were not good if we talk about the border situation of two countries India and China. We have seen how china tried to scare off the Indian government by doing some military exercise near the border though the Indian Defense minister confirmed that whatever they are doing is under their border and we don’t have to be worried about it. Still, the whole situation went international when the Russian president & American President shared concern about the situation.

Now in a conversation with media outlet Congress MP Dr. Shashi Tharoor discussed the whole situation and shared his point of view for the same. Reports are coming that the Indo China border stand-off is a huge concern for India though the diplomacy of both countries is taking all steps to make peace. We heard that the Indian government is trying their best to have a conversation with China and whatever is going on is behind remained behind the close doors.

shashi tharoor

Congress MP Dr. Shashi Tharoor said that it is really not digestible for the country when PM Modi is silent on this whole matter. He also added that yes we understand that diplomacy is indeed done best behind closed doors but he even added that the people of India are seeking the word of our PM on this whole issue. Even with the COVID-19 situation should we be worried about the India China border Standoff?

Also, Tharoor confirmed that the way Indians are reacting over the situation isn’t good. He even said that boycotting the Chinese product won’t help us in the time of crisis and China’s high investment stakes in India is important for the country in this current scenario. Well, honestly he didn’t thought about the current scenario when the whole country is trying to boycott china then why should we be dependent on them?


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