India’s supermodel and actor Milind Soman has Shifted to Lonavala and posted a picture giving a message on Instagram to everyone to “Stay Positive: love Yourself”. The actor has spent his lockdown in a primitive hill station in Lonavala. Milind posted a picture on his Instagram account on Monday by giving a strong message to stay positive. The Lonavala hill station is located between Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala is one of the romantic escapes, where you can feel the positivity and keep your mind healthy and calm.


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Lockdown in Lonavala!! . . We are transformed little by little every moment. We are not the same as we were when we we were children, or teenagers, or at any other age. Our bodies, our minds, our attitudes and perceptions are all changing due to internal and external influences. Everything we eat, read or watch, every interaction and conversation has an effect. Mindfulness and awareness help to identify and guide this transformation moment by moment so that we may become the people we want to be and create the world we want to live in. Stay positive. Love yourself. Surround yourself with love. . . . #mindfulness #awareness #positivity #love #health #MilindSomwar 📷 @ankita_earthy

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He said that we have been through such tough conditions in lockdown, there are many things that have happened in the past, from which we have risen above. There was too much depression, stress towards work money, and other things which plays a very important role in human life. Milind posing for the camera behind the grass looking attractive as he keeps on looking. He kept messaging Through the pandemic, trying to spread awareness among people to stay calm and positive.

Everyone was trying to spend their tough times through many activities as per their talents. Someone was uploading their cooking skills, someone was uploading their art stuff e.t.c.We have seen too many incidents in this pandemic. Whether it is Bollywood whether it is music industry everyone has started a tiff with their close ones. Everyone had solved their matters with each other. some of the musicians have solved their issues and all the matters they have been suffering

Milind has been inspiring everyone old to a new generation through his bodybuilding videos so that people will do some yoga and keep their mind fresh and calm so that they can do everything while having their mind in a positive manner Because you should have control on your mind and the way you think, should be positive. Many of the incidents which make the situation worst than before has manipulated our brains. Therefore, Milind soman and more other of actors have been inspiring us through their every possible way. The virus has almost affected indirectly everyone across the world.


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