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India’s Long Wait For A Cybersecurity Strategy


These days big announcements are coming from tech giants and leaders with huge influence, in relation to science and technology advancement these days as these announcements make big news and on major social media platforms and news sources these pieces of news are circulating on the internet as India has been advancing in the direction of being a developed country, recently initiated its many new projects related to technology and many other fields of the different sectors, the main focus of Indian government now days is technology as it is the technology which can ease the human efforts and enhance its capacity so people are dependent on technology and being advance in technology will enhance the capability to reach the results as soon as possible, here below you will find the details on the newly announced matter continue reading. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Here is the announcement as India has announced its new strategical plans and many new projects on its independence day from the platform which has a big name in the history of India and also a sign of Indian heritage, Indian prime minister on every independence day stag flag from the red fort situated in Delhi the capital of India, which is the sign of glory and pride of India. the news is as relieving from this trouble of digitalization and tech advancement in India which has been a long wait for a cyber security strategy,

The prime minister of India, Mr. Narander Modi, on March 1, 2015, in New Delhi, announced during the 25th foundation day of Nasscom cybersecurity, that the strategy creates a framework of responsibilities and accountability, that will be advancing and promote India to become a digital and technologically advanced country, it will also help to provide help and provide technical support to public and private entities what works in media serving the masses in technology-oriented programs and it will also now establish a baseline system for the govt to always be ready and prepared, to deal with cyberattacks as many rival countries and terror organizations try to leak the secret and inter information of any targeted country,  Indian National Cyber Security Strategy 2021 is establish and providing services, which has been working since 2019.

It has been stuck with the situation as what is relieved on the independence day of India as it falls on 15th August every year, here prime minister of India Mr. Narender Modi said from the ramparts of the red fort as India celebrates independence on 15th August, in the year 2020 prime minister said that during the nation’s 74th independence day that in this era of technology and our dependency on technology going to increase multiple times as we see in the pandemic as a reality check but cyberspace offers its own risks and threats in a short span but this is now tackled and a draft of the new policy on cybersecurity would be presented to the nation in coming time we need to integrate everything along with the new policy

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