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India’s CCPA issues guidelines on hotel service charge


Recently there is a news coming from the National capital of India Delhi as the Complaint is regarding the additional charges that all restaurants owner put on the consumer in the name of service charge as the regulations were passed this should not be practiced by the restaurants and other service providers as the hotel restaurants bars are putting additional service charge only customers without any legal authority. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

India's CCPA issues guidelines on hotel service charge

Indian CCPA Central consumer protection authority has issued a circular to all the national capital region restaurants bars and other such kinds of premises to stop these additional service charges as this is already implemented by CCPA and even district collector in a regulation that mentioned, a consumer can complain through E-Dakhil of any kind of consumer misconduct and it will be reported to the consumer protection authority.


on Monday all the national capital restaurants and bars received a notice from the court and the notice is compiled with a line of burning the service charges. As the restaurants were laying service charges on their own sense of authority this is not fair to a consumer because they pay for the product, not for service.      

In this recent activity central consumer protection act it is stated and released a detailed guideline specifying the duties of edible like GST and other charges but not service charges as the service charges must be disclosed on the bill as the guideline from the authorities compiled with the duties of that should be implemented and the rights of the consumer in the name of service charge is unfair trade process.

also, the authorities have canceled and banned any kind of additional charges over the eateries and called false trade practices the CCPA also said hotels and restaurants also not link the entry of customers and consumption of food in the name of service charges and customers must be informed from the owners or the authorities of restaurants and bars that such payments are not compulsory and following the guidelines they have their choice of a customer to pay.

authorities said service charges are already added to the price of food as it covers both the material cost and service cost already and there are no restrictions on our consumers as per the law. a hotel and restaurant cant set the price at they want to offer food and beverages to the customers but cannot add any surplus charges on a customer in the name of service or any kind of false charges as this is a big blow to the hotel and restaurant industry.

but because previously in a pandemic period this industry has faced the most difficult time because of the lockdown all kinds of services regarding the hotel in hospitality are closed for over a year as people are waiting to go out for meals restaurants and bars had a difficult time previously. So is the retailed circular from authority also includes the menu of a restaurant as he is defined in the notice that restaurants and bars menu can only put the food items they are serving with their prices and also the imposed taxes over that food,

not the service or any surplus charges the circular is issued from CCPA. and charging any such amount will be found under act violation will be counted as unfair trade, by the owner of the restaurant and the necessary action will be taken. Gurbaxish Singh Kohli the vice president of the hotel and restaurant Association Federation of India said they have been following most of the CCPA guidelines and he said there is no activity involved in violation of rules and regulations.

there is no point in illegal work in collecting a service charge from the customer as opposed to the guidelines. As explaining his point he said it is a chance of collecting benefits for the Staff cooking and everyone from a waiter to the personal kitchen worker who have served directly or indirectly and no hospitality institution simply impose the consumer debate as it is their own choice if they want to.

but the industry is seen as a black sheep to the customers In action to this government new provision will empower a customer to file a complaint if any such implementation is imposed or a consumer and there are in instance getting the amount back and said any kind of tip or gratitude in terms of money will be paid to individual staff only after completing his money and 1 is having a choice if you want to pay or not.

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