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Indians Vaccinated with Covaxin Not Allowed To Travel International


There has been new speculation that the Indians who are vaccinated with the covaxin might not be allowed to travel, for now, many countries have been allowing their citizens to travel as they are trying to boost up the travel and tourism industry as the countries have already suffered a lot in these times of quarantine, financially it has been a bummer for all of the countries and that is why they are trying to reopen the flights so that they can finally start earning again because at this point in time, the situation is really critical for all of the countries and it seems like that the situation is not going to get any better in a short time so some of the countries have taken this small step to start their flights to recover the losses that they have faced in the past 1-2 years because of coronavirus.


There are some rules that are going to be implemented and the governments of the respective countries are going to implement some rules and regulations, the flights are going to be allowed for the people who have recommendation of their health ministries or if the person is completely vaccinated with the shots that are mentioned in the WHO’S EUL list.

The covaxin is not being included in the WHO list as they have not included the covaxin that has been made by Bharat Biotech in the list of the approved vaccines for the coronavirus, this has been stated in the report that has been given by Live Hindustan.

many of the European countries are going to start their flights and are only going to allow the passengers who are properly vaccinated from the vaccines that are being included in the WHO list and are going to allow the travellers who have the permission of the health ministries, the second vaccine that has been manufactured in Pune which is an institute of India which is included in the WHO’s EUL which is the covid shield and it seems like that the Covid shield is included in the list so the people who have opted for the covaxin are going to face some complications while travelling through flights

The situation is not going to get better anytime soon but it is definitely a start and it seems like that the situation is going to get better but it is going to take some time, many of the people are stuck in places because of the coronavirus and this can help out the people who are dependent on travelling like many of the businesses are working because they ravel so it seems like that this is the first step towards things getting normal again.

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