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Indian Pro Music League (IPML) Today Episode 16th May 2021: All-Rounders Playlist Performance and Elimination!


The show has been gaining some huge attention from people all over the country as the concept is pretty unique in itself, people are really showering the show with a lot of love and it seems like that the craze for the show is going to keep getting more and more as the unique concept of the show is being loved by everyone and the performances are also highly qualitative which is also one of the reasons that the show is getting too much attention from the audiences.

Indian Pro Music League

Indian Pro Music League

The contestants are already acclaimed names in the music industry and seeing the best of the industry battling out for points is seemingly interesting for the audiences and also the reason that the show has been getting so much attention is because of the owners of the respective teams who have endorsed these teams as they have divided the teams regionally and people are going berserk about the concept and the amazing performances that are happening day in and day out.

In today’s episode, you are going to see some amazing performances and if you want me to tell you about the highlight performance then it is definitely going o be of Ankush Bhardwaj who belongs to the Delhi jammers as he mesmerized everyone with his amazing performance as he sang ‘Bhagwan hai kaha re tu’, the performance is so soothing that everyone was just quiet at the time he started singing and he really hit those high notes with precision which made his performance pretty special as everyone was feeling the goosebumps after that.

Now when you talk about the 2nd performance then Priyanshi and Ankush are going to kill the stage as they are going to be performing a duet and their chemistry is so beautiful that everyone will be awestruck after their performance and they took everyone to another place with their soothing performance.

Then the next performance is going to be of Hemant Brijwasi who belongs to Gujrat Rockers team and he is going to be singing the song ‘sun le zara’ and he is going to blow everyone away with his electrifying performance as he is going to be too good and the song is really going to complement his voice as he is someone who can throw his voice and that is what the song requires after which you are going to see another duet performance in which Hemant Brijwasi and Javed Ali are going to set the stage on fire as the performance is going to be truly electrifying.

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