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Indian Pro Music League (IPML) 11th April 2021 Today’s Episode Highlights: Perfect Punjabi Tadka of Asees Kaur and Shehnaz Akhtar


The most epic ‘music ka mahayudh’ is back with a bang, yes I’m talking about the Indian pro music league which is filled up with famous stars owning different teams having professional singers in their team who battle it out in between them to find out the who is the best of best.

Indian Pro Music League

The show has an interesting concept and the best part about the show is that they have implemented the show in a proper manner and have invested a lot to get these big names onto the show and just when you think that the situation can’t get any more interesting, well it gets.

Mr. AR Rahman will be coming on the show as a guest tonight at 8:00 pm which just shows the caliber of the show. It is going to be a blast tonight as AR Rahman will be there to witness the performers battle it out and his incisive thoughts will be really important for all of the contestants and the team owners, he will present them with constructive criticism if needed which will help the teams in the further coming weeks.

The match will be between the two titan teams, PUNJAB LIONS AND MUMBAI WARRIORS having their team captains as Kailash Kher and Mika Singh tonight at 8:00 pm on zee tv. As the mentors will be cheering for their particular teams AR Rahman would be there to give an unbiased opinion about the performances of the teams which is as fair as it gets as there is so much on the line for the performers and the owners of the team.

The show will be broadcasted today at 8:00 pm on zee tv and it is going to be a blast of a show which will make the fans jump off their seats and even the judges will be amazed as the best of best goes out for battle on the stage.

So keep cheering your teams and enjoy the amazing only on zee tv.

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