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Indian Idol Season 12 Elimination Today’s Episode 1 May 2021: These Two Contestants Are In Danger For This Week Eviction!


Indian Idol is back with a bang and the show is going to be super entertaining as the episode is going to be old school as in today’s episode the show is going to give tribute to the legendary singers who have carried the golden era of music and it seems like that the show is going to have a blast.

Indian Idol Season 12 Elimination

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

The theme for today’s episode is going to be “Suhana Safar”, every contestant is going to be performing on the songs of the legends of the industry who has been pillars to make Bollywood music such memorable. There is also happy news for the fans of the show as their beloved host Aditya Narayan is going to be back on the show and is going to be a part of it for the rest of the season.

As guests, the show is going to have Anu Malik and Manoj Muntashir and it seems like that the hosts are going to have a blast as they will be seeing enjoying a lot in the today’s episode.

There is also going to be an emotional moment in the show in which the contestant Pawandeep Balki will be going to receive a video call from his parents as they couldn’t show up on the show because of the pandemic and not only Pawandeep but also the judges and the people present there are going to have tears in their eyes as their heart will melt down seeing the emotional moment between a son and his parents.

Then Sayli will be performing and her performance will blow away Anu Malik’s mind as he states to her that if people call someone the best talent ever then she is going to be there forever and then she will be asked about her family and why couldn’t they show up on this special day to which she will tell them that her dad is an Ambulance driver and has been on duty because of the pandemic situation and is trying to save as many people as possible by taking them to the hospital in time and then her father comes on the video call and informs the citizens about their responsibility as a citizen and also instructs everyone to always wear a mask when you are stepping outside of your premises.

The show is also going to have eliminations following the concept of the show as one more contestant is going to leave the show which will again be a disappointment for the particular contestant fans.

The contestants who are already eliminated are as follows

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