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Indian Idol 12 Elimination Today Episode 6th June 2021: Anjali Gaikwad Get Eliminated From Indian Idol Season 12!


India’s most prominent and entertaining singing reality show named “Indian Idol” is all set to telecast another exciting and brand new episode of the show on Sony TV. It is a singing-based reality show which is gaining so much popularity and love from the viewers. The show is bringing very interesting and astonishing episodes to entertain the viewers. This show has completed 50 episodes of season 12. In the episode, the most beautiful and well-known actress will arrive on the show. The name of the actress is Zeenat Aman, she is going to grace the stage of the show and will set the atmosphere beautiful with her presence.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Anjali Gaikwad Elimination From Indian Idol Season 12 On Basis Of Audience and Judges Votes.

Who is Anjali Gaikwad? Indian Idol 12 contestant Anjali Gaikwad Eliminated From Indian Idol Season 12!

On the show, everyone is feeling happy and overwhelmed as the famous actress Zeenat Ji is going to join the show for the upcoming episode. As we all know that Zeenat Aman is an actress and model of the 90s. She has worked in Indian Cinema for a very long time and earned huge fame and name. During her career, she has received many awards such as Filmfare Awards and BFJA Award. She is also recognized for her modeling, she started modeling at the age of 19. Everyone is very excited about the upcoming episode along with the audience as she is going to appear on television after a long time.


In today’s episode, the viewers are going to witness some amazing and electrifying performances. The participants are elevated to performant in front of the special guest. The theme of the episode is going to be #ZeenatAmanSpecial. Now, Let’s have look at tonight’s performances. First, Idol Pawandeep is going to amuse the special guest. she will sing the “Ek Ajnabee Haseena Se” song. The special guest will look very impressed with his performances. She compliments him saying “Aapki Rag Rag Mein Music Hai.”

Indian Idol 12 Eliminated contestants list

  • Samyak
  • Vaishnav
  • Sahil
  • Anushka
  • Sireesha
  • Nachiket

Later on, Idol Arunita will perform exceptionally on the song “Panna Ki Tamanna”. During her performance, everyone will be seen appreciating her singing. Zeenat will say to her that she has a heroine’s voice. She is going to receive positive comments from the audience. The next performance will be of Shanmukh Priya who is going to perform on the “Chura Liya Hai Tumne” song. She is going to set the fire on the stage with her magical performance. The special guest praises her saying that today she looks like a small Zeenat Aman.


Along with these performances, other participants are also going to deliver beautiful and entertaining performances. Anjali Gaikwad, Mohd. Danish, Sawai Bhatt, and others are going to perform on one of the hit songs of Zeenat Aman. All contestants are ready to impress the special guest with their mesmerizing performances.

If we talk about the eliminations of this week then it is going to be the seventh elimination of the show after Nachiket Lele’s elimination. As per the voting trends, Sayli Kamble, Anjali Gaikwad, and Swai Bhatt are in the danger zone. So, there are higher chances that one of them will be eliminated this week. However, it is not confirmed yet. If you want to witness these amazing performances then don’t forget to watch the show tonight on Sony at 09:30 PM.

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  1. Indian Idol 12 world famous is a popular music platform. Everyone in the competition sings well. Especially some people sing very well. Sanmukhpriya says that there is a female contestant, can’t she sing any song without hoogling? Why do you distort the melodies of good songs so much? His throat is good but in this way he is ruining his performance. Why did Asha Bhosleji sing such a beautiful melodious song when today’s song was stolen like this? Moreover, if he wants to sing in a song competition, he has to sing different types of songs. Not all songs will be sung in opera song. I listen to a lot of songs and I watch Indian Idol regularly. I don’t like my favorite songs at all.

  2. Shanmuh Priya is overrated.She should be the one who should get eliminated. Unfortunately I cannot vote from US.
    Nihal. Tairo should be the next contestant who should be out from the idol.
    Syaali Kamble Anjali Gaekwad and Sawai Bhatt are good

  3. Appalled at the elimination results when those screaming and annoying contestants, who has completely ignored the master piece work of great music directors, singers & composers of yesteryears, are on the safe zone!?? Can’t imagine that Janatha would vote so blindly that I wonder if it was rigged!! The audience has every right to be angry when songs are totally going on a different track, for instance poor RD Burman sir would be rolling in his grave listening to “churaliya” which was one horrible cacophony performance by Shangumukh Priya!

  4. Among all the wonderful singers on this show, Shanmukh Priya is the only contestant with a rock star vibe, who stands out and is different from the rest and can achieve something internationally. It would be terrific to see her in a concert if she ever sings in the USA. The rest of them …. even though they are extremely talented don’t stand a chance to succeed outside India and of achieving international fame. They are all the same. This show is called Indian Idol. Someone like SMP who is different from the usual mainstream Indian singer stereotype will not win it. But SMP is definitely destined for much greater things and will eventually achieve a lot more than the rest of them with her awesome talent.

  5. No doubt Shanmukh Priya is talented in her way/style/genre and a good person but she is not versatile in the sense that everything she sings sounds alike. Don’t appreciate the fact that she butchers some of the old classical songs to turn them into her style of singing. It does not sound good; infact it hurts. Variation is good but not such total distortion of the songs. She is not worthy of being a finalist in Indian Idol. She should be competing in other types of shows where she may shine and be appreciated more by the audience instead of Indian Idol.

  6. The most talented young lady it’s a shame speaks volumes of the judges and audiences knowledge of music pathetic.


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