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Indian Idol 12 Elimination Today Episode 4th July 2021: No Elimination For This week!


Here we are with the written episode update of the most liked and appreciated singing reality show which will be going to be entertaining tonight as the special guest in the episode tonight will be Shatrughan Sinha and Poonam Sinha. Both are looking stunning together. Poonam will beseen in orange saree and she is flaunting in it. Their entry makes everyone super happy and excited to start the night with the legends. The host of teh show welcomes them with warm words.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

  • No Elimination This week

Tonight the contestants are going to nake everyone amazed with their rocking and tuneful performances. They all are curious to present their tracks in front of the guest. Both the guest will be seen enjoying all the performances in the entire episode. The show is a sneak peek as there are some changes in the format of the show regarding the elimination. Whilst in tonight’s episode if we talk about the performance of Danish, he slays the stage by performing a devotional hymn.

He is tremendous and so tuneful that he wins the heart of both the guest. Poonam compliments him that “he has that spark and his singing is out of this world.” Not only Shatrughan Sinha also praises him and even all the three judges bless him a lot for his future. While he is performing judges’ reactions are indicating how much they are enjoying his singing and he touches their hurt. On the other hand, we have another most delightful performance by Arunita.

Her voice is so pleasing. She sings a classical song and she provided full justice to a song in her mesmerizing voice. While she is performing Anu Malik use to relish it. After the performance, she receives numerous praises from the guests and judges. Himesh Reshammiya compliments her “she is fabulous and no one can beat her tonight she is super amazing.” Shatrughan Sinha compliments her that “she is so tuneful and even her expressions are also mesmerizing.

Indian Idol 12 Eliminated Contatsants List:-

Contestants Status
Samyak Eliminated
Vaishnav Eliminated
Sahil Eliminated
Anushka Eliminated
Sireesha Eliminated
Nachiket Lela Eliminated
Anjali Gaikwad Eliminated

Ashish also sets the stage at the fire with his electrifying performance. Judges along with the guest are stunned and amuse by his singing. As he is at the highest level of singing and his performance makes everyone happy and entertaining.  While he is performing Judges use to leave their seats and they enjoy his performance by standing and clapping for him throughout the performances. He gains lots of blessings and compliments.

Pawandeep Rajan set the environment of the stage on fire. He sings “Dostana Humara” and everyone is pleased with his performance. Even Poonam Sinha use to give him a standing ovation and also says that “You are my favorite contestant”. Meanwhile, Shatrughan Sinha says “Khamosh” which creates huge laughter on the show. The audience on the show gets super entertained as the show consists of lots of tuneful and fabulous performances. All the contestants are immensely tamanduas that create a delightful environment.

Indian Idol Season 12 Elimination This Week:-

As we all know today is Sunday and it will be the elimination night. This is the most disheartening episode of the weekends as it brings with it a dangerous and confusing part of the show. All the participants are in confusion about whether tonight will be eliminated night or not. As per the sources, there will be no elimination this weekend. The show has op 7 contestants including:-

  • Arunita Kanjilal
  • Ashish Kulkarni
  • Mohammad Danish
  • Nihal Tauro
  • Pawandeep Rajan
  • Sayali Kamble
  • Shanmukha Priya

All the contestants have been sent back to their hometowns:-

Reportedly there is news about the show that all the contestants have been sent back to their hometown. So, this is the last recorded episode of this weekend. The participants are going to be reunited after a month along with their family members.

Indian Idol 12 Winner Name (Expected)

There is one name which is having huge numbers of fans now. He is the best in the show as per the reactions of the audience on social media. People are crazy for Pawandeep Rajan. He is the most beautiful and talented voice of this season. He wons the heart of the audience and judges as well with his next-level performances. He never fails to impress the viewers and renowned judges of the show.

So, his fans took to social media platforms and claiming that how he deserves to be a winner. “Pawandeep Rajan a winner of Indian Idol Season 12” this line is trending on every social media platform. Whereas the finale is yet to take place but love for him by the audience is appealing that he might be the winner of season 12. What are your opinions on this comment below? And whom you want to see as the winner of season 12.

Don’t forget to watch the full episode on Sony Tv at 9:30 P.M. For more updates related to the show bookmark our site and get all the upcoming updates on your favorite show.

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Kajal Gupta
Kajal Gupta is a journalist with Get India News, New Delhi.


  1. Arunita Kanjilal
    Ashish Kulkarni
    Pawandeep Rajan
    Sayali Kamble

    These should be the four finalists…..
    Rest are not good enough to win the title

  2. Arunita is going to bag the title 101%. She is the true singer with great voice. She will be next Lata mangeshkar of India.

  3. Pawandeep is winner and 1st runner is Arunita Kanchigal. Danish shout too much and Shampriya gosh too much .

  4. 1. Arunita should be the winner imp. No one is close to her talent level.
    2. Nihal 3. Pawandeep 4. Sayli 5. Danish 6. Ashish 7. Shanmukha

    I hope either Arunita or Arunita and Pawandeep joint winner. That’s the best imo. Arunita must be winner in any case as her consistent amazing performances are amazing and should be rewarded.

  5. Pawandeep Rajan should be the winner of Ibdian Idol. His voice touches the soul. Danish a good singer but very loud and no sweetness in his voice, technically may be right but not good for novish like me.

  6. Pawandeep and Shanmukh should be eliminated next. Pawandeep was good at start, but off late his singing lacks feeling. Sings in a monotonic manner. Other 5 are very good. Anyone can win. Tauro is underrated by some fans with little knowledge of music. Anyway, I know that Pawandeep wont be eliminated as the show focuses on TRP, and not on singing. No doubt PR gives more TRP because those same foolish fans enjoy listening to him.

  7. Pawandeep must be eliminated immediately. He always tries to win people judges using emotion. Thats the reason most of these Idol winners are barely successful in their singing careers. Anyways that is not his fault entirely, the script must have been told to him by the Idol team. In any case, he is not singing too well and it is best to get him out. Of course, that wont happen though.

  8. I think Shanmukhpriya will be the winner. 1st runner-up Pawandeep Rajan. 2nd runner-up Arunita Kanjilal. 3rd will be Ashish Kulkarni and 4th will be Nihal Tauro and Danish. Sayli should be eliminated when the shoot starts again.

  9. Nihal is the best and second comes Sayali. I know others also are good singers but Nihal will cross the line followed by Sayali unless there is some other angle.

  10. Among all the wonderful singers on this show, Shanmukh Priya is the only contestant with a rock star vibe, who stands out and is different from the rest and can achieve something internationally. It would be terrific to see her in a concert if she ever sings in the USA. The rest of them …. even though they are extremely talented don’t stand a chance to succeed outside India and of achieving international fame. They are all the same …. extremely melodious singers with one single voice and cannot modulate and change their voice like Shanmukha can. This show is called Indian Idol. Someone like SMP who is different from the usual mainstream Indian singer stereotype will not win it. But SMP is definitely destined for much greater things and she will eventually achieve a lot more than the rest of them with her awesome talent.

    • True I completely agree to this. SMP we are watching her from her childhood. She deserves to the winner and more than that she is the outstanding singer. She can sing everything that is put in her plate and outside that too. She is the clear winner if announced or not. Love you SMP


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