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Indian Idol 12 Elimination Today Episode 4th April 2021: Anjali Gaikwad and Sayli Kamble Or Double Eviction This Week?


The most famous singing reality show “Indian Idol Season 12” on 4tha April 2021 is back with another harmonious episode. The show is going well in terms of entertainment and on the top of the TRP chart. Though this show disappointed the audience last week after the eviction of Nachiket Lele this is the concept of the reality show only one contestant wins this show and in this order, every week contestants are evicted. Six contestants are already evicted from the show and today is the seventh eviction on the set of II S12.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Sr No. Contestants Status
1 Samyak Eliminated
2 Vaishnav Eliminated
3 Sahil Eliminated
4 Anushka Eliminated
5 Sireesha Eliminated
6 Nachiket Lele Eliminated

Today’s entire episode is energetic to watch but in the end, the one contestant will be evicted from the show which is going to be a heartbreaking moment. As the viewers already watched in yesterday’s episode, the legendary actress Rekha joined the show for making it more special to watch, and her presence boost up the energy of the contestants. Rekha is present today as well on the show and the contestants will perform on her songs.

In Today’s Episode, Rakha Ji Seems Very happy and enjoying the Performances of Contestants, Rakha Ji Extremely Happy with Pawandeep Rajan Performance she also demanded Pawandeep Rajan that she want to Performe along with him, Pawandeep, and Rekha Ji Enjoying Each Other and Performed On Tabla (Musical instrument), Rekha Ji Gives Blessing Pawandeep.

After Pawandeep Performance Now Shanmukha Priya Come on Stage To her Performance, She Sung Some Old Vibes Songs and Set The bar high she Totally Stole the Limelight of Today’s Episode with her performance, Shanmukha Priya Shocked Rekha Ji with her mind-blowing performance, Rekha Ji Preased Shanmukha Priya A lot and want to dance with her, Rekha Ji Danced With Shanmukha Priya, Rekha Ji Still Dance Like a Pro, Once Again She Proves she is Legend For a reason.

Nihal Tauro Come on stage and performed Kishore Kumar Songs and Win The Heart with his Performance, Himesh Loves the Nihal Tauro Performance and Said This is One of the Best Performance of the Season By Nihal, Rekha Ji also Liked the Nihal Performance and Said She see him in at least in Top 5.

Anjali Gaikwad Ready For her performance, she is going to sing Asha Bhosle Melody Songs, She is absolutely Stunning In Singing, The way she sang Asha Ji Difficult song with the easy and clean way, she sang Gulzar Ji Songs and Impressed the Rekha Ji and Judges, But as Compare To Other contestants Anjali Gaikwad was not much energetic let’s see Is Her last Performance On Indian Idol Season 12 because she is nominated for elimination this week.

No Elimination This Week Announced By Host of the Show Jay Bhanishali, This Week No Body is Going Home It’s Means Next Week We Can Expect Elimination For Surely Or Double Eviction As Well.

The melodious performance of the contestant Pawandeep Ranjan will win the heart of Rekha as well as the heart of judges. The judges appreciate him in a unique manner, The judges including Rekha will give him a standing ovation by standing at the table. Rekha gives him compliments and says she wants to adopt Pawandeep and wants to be her mother. Throughout the episode, all the contestants are giving energetic performances and their performance will highly appreciate by the judges and the guest Rekha.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination Today Nominated Contestants For Eviction This Week:

Today’s eviction will be the 7th elimination of the show and a new name will add to this evicted list. The present contestants of the show do not want to leave the show at this point as they want to see themselves as the winner of the show. The contestants who are nominated for the eviction of today’s episode are like:

  1. Ashish Kulkarni
  2. Anjali Gaikwad
  3. Nihal Tauro
  4. Arunita Kanjilal
  5. Sayli Kamble

The show is hosted by Jay Bhanushali and the judges of the show are Himesh Reshammiya, Vishal Dadlani, and Neha Kakkar. The frolic of Rekha, the sizzling performances of the contestants, the madness of the host, and the enjoying nature of judges along with the appreciated judgments is the full package of entertainment.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination Saved Contestants From Eviction This Week:

These Four Contestants are Saved From Elimination In Today Episode or This Week, As per our Source This Week These Contestants Save From Indian Idol 12 Elimination This Week.

  • Pawandeep Rajan
  • Arunita Kanjilal
  • Shanmukha Priya
  • Ashish Kulkarni

As per the sources, between Anjali Gaikwad and Sayli Kamble, one will be evicted and most of the chances are on Anjali Gaikwad but this eviction choice is based on the assumption, the correct information will be updated soon. Till then the viewers can enjoy the episode of the reality show  “Indian Idol 12” on the Sony Channel at 9:30 PM and stay with us for the updates of their favorite shows on our website.

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  1. I respect everybody’s feelings and I feel the same for everyone, who is following all the recipients, in my opinion pawandeep can be rewarded as sonu nigam he is versatile, and rest especially 5 others to be rewarded 2nd beca ,use they can’t be compared ie , shanmukha, anjali, arunita, sawai and hehehehe guy ☺

  2. Anjali is a better singer than Sayli. The ones should be going in my opinion is Sayli and Nihal; high time these 2 should go. I used to like Sawai but his performance isn’t great either. We already have winners for soofi genre Salman Ali and Sunny Hindustani. I hope this season will be different. I hope Pawandeep will be the winner for his multi talents and versatility.

  3. Shanmukha Priya should be eliminated as all she does is sings the same kinds songs. As as Indian Idol you should be able to preform different types of songs.

  4. There would be duplex of top position: Arunita Kanjilal with superlative female voice and Pawandeep, a multi talented singer.
    Nachiket was multitalented, but at everyone’s dismay was ejected out , Sorry!
    Shanmukha priya is always vigorous in her performance, with no parallel to her. I believe, she would be runner’s up!
    Anjali will soon replace Mrs. Sairam in Indian Music world with her vocal strength. She is unique as Shanmukhpriya.

  5. Mohd Danish should be eliminate the reason he is over confident and his mama makes fools of himself.. Is he the entertainer for this show.. Neha is madly after him to make him a winner.. His mama is a complete idiot.. If Danish loses which he should for his mama’s sake.. Good bye Dsnish.. shanmukhpriya is another.. Neha kakker is a sick judge who should also leave the show.. Good day friends .

  6. Even I feel the same same that shanmukha priya should be eliminated. She is surviving only because of her oodling which has become very boring. She cannot sing without that and sometimes yells. I thing pavanseep and arunita should be the winners.

  7. Even I feel the same same that shanmukha priya should be eliminated. She is surviving only because of her oodling which has become very boring. She cannot sing without that and sometimes yells. I thing pavandeep and arunita should be the winners.

  8. सम्मुख प्रिया को एलिमिनेशन देना चाहिए था अंजलि गायकवाड़ को नहीं वह एक क्लासिक कल गाना बहुत सुन्दर प्रस्तुति कर रही है

  9. As per me Pawandeep is my favourite contestant
    Undoubtedly…He should be Winner…
    Second should be Duet of Pawandeep and Arunita Kanjhila…Others are average….singer
    Good luck everyone

  10. Danish & Sanmukhpriya should go . Danish ‘s mama is making mamus to public with stupid acting. Pawan & Arunita will be winner. Nachiket should come back with wild card entry.

  11. I think Danish should be eliminated at the first next elimination. Very hopeless voice and thinks he got anchored in the Indian idol with his ill mannered mama.

  12. It is about time Danish is eliminated from this show. I don’t understand if this judges have already made their decision to make him the idol. Sony is so degrading allowing some fool to come on the stage and make himself look like a fool.Let us see a genius Indian Idol please.


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