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Indian Idol 12 Elimination Today Episode 20th June 2021: Sawai Bhatt Eliminated, Nettizens Trolled Badly Sony TV Makers!


The next brand new musical episode of the singing reality show “Indian Idol 12” is ready to provide the best singing performances of the contestants. In this weekend episode, the viewers are watching double celebration as the show is celebrating “Father’s Day” as well as Kalyanji and Anandji special. This singing reality show is quite popular amongst the audiences but the show is unnecessarily stretching it which is now makes it boring to watch but still, fans are still like it to watch as the participants of the II12 are fabulous and their voices are so soulful and magical.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Sawai Bhatt Eliminated From Indian Idol Season 12

After Sawai Bhatt Elimination, Netizens Badly Trolling Sony TV Makers For Unfair Eviction, netizens Calling Sony TV Makers biased and Scripted, and They are using Sawai Bhatt For TRP and Sypmaty Sake, Some of Called Indian Idol 12 Come To End and They Used Sawai and It’s Time For Some Shocking Twist.

The voices of the contestants make the show super exciting to watch and they are successfully created their separate fan base and fan following through the medium of this singing reality show. Talking about today’s episode the makers and the contestants of the show are going to celebrate father’s day and give the performances in order to dedicate this special day to their respective fathers as well as the father figures.

However, today’s is Sunday which means one contestant is going to leave the show and his or her dream to see themselves as the next Indian Idol winner is going to break. Before the update of elimination, let’s take a look at today’s performance. As today is father’s day the show will come up with many surprises that have been planned for few contestants who are missing their family.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination Performances This week

Idol Nihal will give a performance on the song “Or Is Dil Mein” and his voice is soo soothing to hear which forces judge Anu Malik to give a compliment that “After listening to this performance for the first time my heart is saying once more.” Everyone enjoys his performance judge Himesh is saying your performance is like Bang on.

The next performance of Idol Arunita on the song “Salame Ishq Meri Jaan” will surely take the heart of everyone. She sings this song so beautifully which remembers the dance performance of Rekhi Ji on this song. Her voice has a power that can pull the attention of anyone. Judge Sonu Kakkar will give her the compliment that “Sometimes it happens that Saraswati sits on the tongue, today I have seen that form in you.”

All the other performances of the contestants will surely grab the attention of everyone and force the audiences to sway some dance moves. Apart from the dance performances let’s have a look at the 8th elimination update. Already seven participants were evicted from the show so far and the suspense behind the 8th eviction is currently in the mind of the audience from the last week. As per the sources, one male contestant will be evicted from the II12.

Indian Idol 12 Double Elimination This week

Three participants are currently facing eviction danger in today’s episode. Danish, Nihal, and Sawai Bhatt are at the bottom. Any one of these three will say goodbye to the show today. Let’s wait who will be going to eliminate till then enjoy the performances of the contestants on “Indian Idol 12” on the Sony Tv channel at 9:30 PM and stay tuned with us for more such updates.


Indian Idol 12 Eliminated contestants list

Contestants Status
Samyak Eliminated
Vaishnav Eliminated
Sahil Eliminated
Anushka Eliminated
Sireesha Eliminated
Nachiket Eliminated
Anjali Gaikwad Eliminated
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  1. Judges Anu malik amd sony kakaar are disqualified judges.they must be removed from the show to make show fair.Otherwise a contestant like Pawandeep will be at the bottom.who is the best and top singer on the show.Anu malik and sonu kakarr are not fit to be the judges.

    • Don’t know how Sawai Bhat after giving such outstanding performance is eliminated from the show. It can’t be believed and it is injustice done to the true talented people like Sawai Bhatt. Even Pawandeep is also at the bottom which is shocking also. Indian idol is a fake show and it’s judges are also fake including the makers.

    • Yes ! you are right bro, sonu kakkar is technically nothing before the quality of this time Idols.. As regards Annu Malik, he undoubtedly is a music mind legend and an experienced one but his temperament and the gesture as well seems to be quite poor and low standards which makes him an incompetent personality to judge such talents..

  2. This realty of sony works for trp n many are worried but this time all are talented n tough competitors but all these love stories,are fake of arudeep as it was od aditya host n judge neha so its all hoax poax

  3. Besides many critics, Indian Idol is the best as it has fabulous singers. All the contestants who are eliminated were also best in themselves .We should appreciate the show as they are giving their best to show their talents and entertain us. All the musicians are also amazing.

  4. Sawai is great singer his elimination surprised everyone, who two singer were on top, how came down. It does not seems competition, it’s planed everything, we don’t think judge make decision according their judgment and public vote,some one else already decided

  5. Judges doing favourism to singers. Mohamad
    Danish and pavandip should be on bottom.
    Episode is should be not run for 6 months. Anjali
    Gaekwad should never get elicited. All favourism

    • I think it is wrong to say that she is good in doodling only. She is a talented kid and those with universal sense of music have appreciated her exceptional talents. She deserves to be among the top five and possibly win the competition.
      Doodling is an art which only a few have mastered and she is definitely one of them. She is the best in India and among the best in the world.

  6. Sawai is a good singer, simple and humble person.may be he doesn’t know to impress audience by his dramatic action, only knows to do justice to his singing….. He is a marvelous singer… Definitely he will be a star singer like Neha kakkar who was a eliminated Indian idol contestant.

  7. One of my favorite singers Sawai Bhatt. I will very much on this show. I see a bright future ahead for him. He will definitely shine. God bless you.

  8. Indian idol has lost its meaningful purpose to entertain and enjoy. Decisions to eliminate contestants are pre-planned based favouritism and judges personal choices. Anjali Gaekwad, Nachiketa and Sawai Bhatt were great contestants and should have never been eliminated in the manner in how it was done. The politics of it is nasty. For example Sawai Bhatt was rated as the top two contestants with Pawan deep few weeks back and suddenly was put to stand with Pawan Deep to be eliminated. Few of those who remain are far below competitive standard. Shouting and yelling is not the tradition of Indian singing. One of the worst things that the Judges do and this also include Host Aditya Narain is that they express their choices of winners and this instantly defeats the purpose of fairness. Entire management of the Indian idol show need to put new Judges who are trained people with the highest professionaly standard. Indian Idol 12 has reached a stage where it is messed up. Often one wonders if the show has been changed into match making stage. Personal life of contestants should not be Aired or discussed or be hinted at. Let there be integrity, self respect and dignity as this show is being Aired world wide. Aditya Narain should behave like a Host professionally trained to give such standard and dignity to Indian Idol and not behave like a comedian. Sincerest and hearfelt congratulations and thanks to all the musicians and contestants who work very hard to give the very best to the viewing audiences nationally and worldwide.

  9. Rip indian idol
    #IndianIdol2021 is 100℅ a scripted/ fixed show as everyone knows they are only protecting #ShanmukhaPriya. #SawaiBhatt is the Top 2 contestant according to the public votes. Then also you eliminate well derseving contestant.For me he is winner. Call sawai back. #JusticeForSawai

  10. Anybody can note my comment, there is only and only one singer, i.e. Arunita who deserves to be the winner of this show.. Because her unmatched Purity of voice, technicality, musicality, divinity, soulfulness, being celestial voice and the blissfulness showered on her by the almighty,..
    She seems to be an ‘Avatar’ of Deity…
    God Bless her..

  11. The Indian idol is universally loved, we eagerly await each week’s episode. Elimination of Sawai Bhat was utterly shocking. When Mohammed Danish, a big loud mouthed show off deserved to be eliminated. Danish sings without melody and shouts with open mouthed indecency. This gives one feelings of rigging.

  12. The Indian idol is universally loved, we eagerly await each week’s episode. Elimination of Sawai Bhat was utterly shocking. When Mohammed Danish, a big loud mouthed show off deserved to be eliminated. Danish sings without melody and shouts with open mouthed indecency. This gives one feelings of rigging.


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