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Indian Idol 12 Elimination: Sawai Bhatt Leave The Show Due To Deteriorating Health!


One of the contestants who was doing really well in the show had to leave it in the middle of the running of it naming Sawai Bhatt who is a brilliant singer and is the part of the weekly running show Indian Idol which has done wonders for him, the contestant has left the show due to the health issues that he has been facing recently, Himesh Reshammiya and Vishal Dadlani stopped him in the middle of the performance as it was evident enough that he’ll not be able to perform his best in the given conditions and the judging panel came into his support by asking the voters to vote for him so that he can continue being a part of the show by saving him as he’ll come back to his best after his health-related problems settle.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

  • Samyak
  • Vaishnav
  • Sahil
  • Anushka
  • Sireesha
  • Nachiket Lele

All of the contestants are stressed out as the competition is really getting stressful as every week passes by because the competition is getting tougher and tougher with every week becoming history, the elimination criteria will be according to the lowest score which will combine together with the votes of judges and the audiences to keep the show as fair as possible for the contestants which also means that the finale of this season are pretty nearby and is making everyone nervous. This is the most crucial time f the season as the contestants are pretty much aware that they cannot afford to commit any mistakes from this point of time as every performance is going to be very crucial for everyone.

The lad was performing on a song “HAAL KYA HAI DILON KA” but he forgot the lyrics of the song to which the judges let him perform again to the song but the result was same as he again forgot the lyrics which became a really bad situation for the contestant and now the health-related issues have put him on a back peddle, it has been confirmed that he is not exposed to coronavirus which is good news as that would have been game over for the contestant but the sources have confirmed that he’ll be back in the next episode as his condition is perfectly fine now and will be performing from the next weekend, we hope that the contestant finds his prime form again and comes back stronger as the coming weeks are going to be very crucial for him, it is going to be difficult for him as the last week has been a disaster for him but we all know that he is capable of winning the Indian Idol so lets just hope that he gets better and comes up with a great performance in the coming weekends.


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