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Indian Idol 12 Elimination New ‘Powerplay’ Rule By Makers, Top 9 Singers Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal And Others To Be Evicted Together


There is a big and disheartening news from Indian’s biggest singing reality show Indian Idol, the show has been very famous and receiving positive reviews from the viewers. The show is high appreciation and audience love to watch it every weekend and we witness special guest on the show every weekend. The host of the show has been doing a commendable job as they keep on bursting jokes and producing hilarious sequences which keep the audience engaged to the show.

Indian Idol 12 Elimination

Indian Idol 12 elimination

There are many participants who deserve to be in the show as they are tremendous singers. The contestants are giving their best as they are eagerly want to win the title. As we all know that show has been eliminated contestants every two weeks which is completely depends on the votes of the audience. While the elimination is the most disheartening part of the show but this is a format that must have to be followed.

And the elimination takes place by announcing the names of the contestants who are in the bottom three and they call out the name of the content with the least votes and then he or she will be out of the show but here the good news that makers have to change the way and no one will go face the elimination for more than two weeks. Well, this one is a relief for the participants and the audience as well.

The markers have been bringing up a new concept and that is “Power Play” under which there will be no elimination for the upcoming weeks. On the day when the powerplay ended makers will count the votes of every single participant and the one who receives more votes will be sent to the finale directly and the rest of the singers have to be eliminated from the show. It is expected to offer finale tickets to the five contestants but it is yet to be confirmed.

It means that participants who will get love from the fans or audience will have the power to save their spot in the finales. This season still has nine singers who have the golden chance to become a part of the finals. Comment below what’s your opinion about the power play concept.


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