The reports are coming that the biggest Indian chef Vikas Khanna will distribute around 2 million food packages to the poor people. The sources are confirming that the Vikas Khanna has started this all when he received a spam mail from the unknown source in which he transferred money for those needs at an old age home. At that moment he decided that he would do something for the people and now it’s time.

You all should know that he has started distributing the food to needy people while he was staying in the US. You all should know that he has distributed food to more than nine million people in accord with the 125 cities in India which also includes Varanasi, Bengaluru, Mangalore, Kolkata, and Mumbai. Now, the reports are coming that his next food drive “Barkat” is going to be the next big thing and will make a record.

Chef Vikas Khanna

Some of you might don’t know but as per the close source, Khanna will distribute two million meals across Delhi-NCR today. Also, the sources are suggesting that the whole thing is based on providing the food to differently-abled, transgenders, and sex-workers. Also, some other needy ones will get the food on the table today.

Khanna even said, “I am humbled to work on an event tirelessly that supports people with disabilities, transgenders, sex-workers, AIDS patients, orphanages, old-age homes, and leprosy centers.” Also, he added, “We will also be reaching out to abandoned parents” homes. I am unable to comprehend how people can abandon their parents.”

You must know that the initiative will include around 10,000 bags and will contain the ration worth of 200 meals each. Also, these bags will be distributed across different parts of Delhi-NCR by the NDRF team India. This isn’t the first time when Khanna is distributing the food and it will impress a lot of people for sure.


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