The Indian government is now more alert for the security and safety of the nation. They have been keeping a close eye on each and every detail which can turn up to be a threat to the country. Recently, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese applications which means these apps can not be used any further in the country. These apps were shut in India due to the allegations of leaking user’s data to the Chinese government.

There are speculations made that these companies leak the user’s data to the Chinese government which poses a threat to the nation. There are rules in China that any company working under the government has to release any data when asked by the government. Some of the famous applications which faced the consequences of this ban are Tik-Tok, Shareit, Camscanner, and many more.

indian army

Tik-Tok was one of the highest-rated applications on the PlayStore and due to this, the ratings have been reduced. Now not only India even countries like US and Australia are also banning Chinese applications as even they believe that Chinese apps are a threat to their nation’s security and they don’t want to compromise it by continuing the use of these apps.

With this happening, another update came regarding this. Indian Army personnel have been asked by the government to delete 89 apps. This means they are not allowed to use these apps on their smartphones. Indian Army personnel were already prohibited from using smartphones and now there has been ban applied on several apps. The list of banned applications includes apps like Facebook, Tik-Tok, Truecaller and Instagram. The reason behind this decision by the government is these apps seem to plug leakage of information. The officers of the Indian Army have been asked to uninstall dating apps like Tinder, Couch Surfing as well. Apps like Daily Hunt should also be uninstalled from their phones.

As a matter of national security, this decision has been taken by the Indian government. Usage of these apps posed a threat to the defense of the country as these are capable of leaking the data which can be used against the country. The decision came in the wake of the Galwan Valley incident which happened recently.

The Armies of the nations are currently engaged in the disengagement process near the border. The temporary structures of both the armies are being dismantled and a close eye id kept on everything. In the incident that happened at the Galwan Valley, 20 Indian soldiers were dead. Now both the nations are working to bring the situation back to normalcy and peace.


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