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India Extends Ban on International Flights Till July 31


The COVID-19 situation is getting worse day by day. The cases are increasing at a higher rate now and there is no stopping. Many health institutions are trying to make the vaccine for the deadly disease but still, no progress has been seen till now.

Moreover, the lockdown has been eased up by the government now. All the operations are starting slowly and people are getting back to their normal lives amidst this pandemic.

One of the operations which were stopped between this was the operation of international flights. The ministry of civil aviation has now extended the ban on open the ration of International flights on July 31. Earlier the ban was only till July 15 but due to the increasing cases, the government has taken this decision of extending the ban.

flights ban

Another decision which was added with this was the capacity in domestic flights have been increased from 33% to 45%.

On Thursday, chairman of Airports Authority of India (AAI) had said India is in talks with the US and Canada and the countries in European and Gulf regions on establishing individual bilateral bubbles which will allow airlines of each country in the pact to operate international flights.

The international flight services have been suspended in India since March 23 which was the beginning of the lockdown because of the pandemic.

The aviation minister told the government that the international flight services will resume based on the demand. They are also expecting that the domestic air traffic will reach 50-55% by mid-July.

International flight movement in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, China, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates now varies between 3% and 18% of their earlier flight capacity, the minister had said.

This pandemic has brought upon a whole lot of problems with people. The whole planet is suffering from this pandemic and till now there is no cure for this. Doctors and scientists have been working on the vaccine since the lockdown started.

It is expected that India will be having its own vaccine by August 15. Hopefully, the cure comes in hand as soon as possible. The death rates have been increasing at a higher rate than before. The active cases in India currently stand at 6 Lakhs.

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