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India Deploys Specialized Mountain Forces to Check China’s LAC Transgressions


It’s only been a few days since the Galwan Valley attack. India has deployed its specialized forces in order to prevent the Chinese troops from further transgressions. The Indian troops are deployed all across 3,488 km Line of Actual Control and prevent the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to move any further in either western, middle, or eastern sectors.

The decision has been taken after the Galwan Valley attack which took place recently where 20 Indian soldiers died defending the border. The violent act took place between the Indian Army and the Chinese Army which involved the death of several and injured a lot of soldiers.

India Deploys Specialized Mountain Forces

Indian Army is one of the strongest and the toughest Army in the entire world. They have been trained to fight in the northern upfront for several decades. And as the situation demand, they are not hesitant to move their troops in the frontiers further in case if any red flag comes up. The PLA is not so trained and requires infantry combat vehicles and paved metalled roads to move, whereas the Indian Army is well trained in guerrilla warfare and fighting in high altitude.

Fighting in the mountains is the toughest and it increases the casualties by 10 in every troop. The troops from Uttarakhand, Ladakh, Gorkha, Arunachal, and Sikkim are very well skilled and have adapted to fight in the mountains. Hence no one can even come closer in case of combats. One more thing which favors the Indian Army is that on the Chinese side the Tibetan plateau is flat whereas on the Indian side it starts from the K2 peak in the Karakoram to Nanda Devi in Uttarakhand, to Kanchenjunga in Sikkim and Namche Barwa across Arunachal Pradesh border.

One of the Chinese experts spoke on this and said it is not difficult for the troops in the mountains to capture the territory but it is difficult for them to hold them.

As of now India is in a state of “aatma nirbhar” or self-reliant and is not seeking any sort of military help from anyone. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shown full confidence in the Indian Army. One of the senior ministers said, “I have my battalions lined up with armored personnel carriers and artillery. India will not instigate or precipitate any skirmish but will reply to any transgression. The days of LAC nibbling are over. This is a battle of nerves and India is prepared to wait, come snow come sunshine.”

This gesture of India has been appreciated by US Minister Trump as well. On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is very upset about this act by the Chinese. He is upset about the fact that Chinese President Xi Jinping broke all the “peace and tranquility”. He did not respect the agreement which has been followed for such a long time.

It is also assumed that this act by the Chinese Army was performed in order to take China out of everyone’s site for hiding the news about the virus from the world. As of now, no one is talking about the virus and how it started from a lab in Wuhan.

Whatever the reason be the Indian Army is ready to face and reply back to transgressions performed by China. If China violates any sorts of rules or disobeys they will receive an equally violent answer from the Indian troops.

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