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10 Soldiers Including 4 Officers Released By Chinese Army After Talks: India China Live News


Everyone is aware of the Galwan situation which took place a few days back. 20 Indian soldiers were sacrificed in the violent act which took place between the Chinese troops and the Indian Army.

The incident was due to the violation of the agreement between China and India and as the Chinese troops expanded their troops in the Galwan valley apart from their traditional bases.

But now the situation is kind of gaining stability as there were talks going on between the Indian Army Chief and the Chinese commander to diffuse the fight. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and foreign minister also showed their concern regarding the matter and addressed the nation paying homage to the soldiers and letting people know that their sacrifice won’t go in vain.

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Some recent news flashed regarding the issue and situation at the Galwan valley. After the clashes at the Galwan, the Chinese Army had detained Ten Indian soldiers, including four officers. The clash took place on June 15 and 20 Indian soldiers were killed in the clashes.

As the matter is getting sorted out between the two nations the detained soldiers are back on the Indian side now as a part of conciliation. The negotiation included the release of men, which included two Majors as well and it was headed by the Major General of the Army. It took place three days after the clash.

The information of soldiers detained by the Chinese was held back by the media in order to ensure the safety of the negotiations. The Major General keeping the details confidential gave a slight peek that all the soldiers involved in the clash are now accounted for. He also said that there are no Indian troops missing anymore.

The injured soldiers will be returning back to their duties as soon as they recover. The estimated amount of time is within 15 days. Seventy-six soldiers were badly injured but there are no casualties anymore and none of them are in a critical situation.

According to some reports, the Chinese tortured the Indian soldiers with iron rods and clubs wrapped in barbed wire laced with nails.

The Chinese Army didn’t give the exact number of men killed on their side but till now it is known that around 45 Chinese soldiers died in the violent clash in Galwan Valley.

The satellite images show that the Chinese have created a massive buildup around the Line of Actual Control. This is also within a kilometer of the Indian position. The Chinese troops are not backing off and there are chances of them performing some type of construction activity in the region. All this is caught in the satellite images of the Galwan Valley.

The Chinese Army took Indian soldiers as captives in the year 1962. That time the incident happened around July in the same region of Galwan Valley where it took this time. At that time also 30 Indian soldiers were killed in the crash and dozens were held captive by the Chinese Army.

After the Nathu La clash in the year 1967, the Galwan Valley clash is the biggest confrontation between China and India. During the Nathu La clash, 80 Indian soldiers were sacrificed and the Chinese numbers were around 300.

Hopefully both the nations come to peace terms soon enough and no more lives of our brave soldiers have to be sacrificed.

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