The dispute between India and China for the border has been going on for a long time. There was a piece of standoff news in 2020 between India and China in the Eastern Ladhak. Hence, regards of it our Defence Minister Rajnath Singh at Aero India Show stated, “India is assembled to defend territorial integrity at any cost”.He also mentioned, that “The force had made several attempts but they were failed to change the condition at the border.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

This time India is all set to defeat the enemies and defend the country and the national integrity at any cost”. The Minister ensures the country about the forthcoming challenges from several fronts. “The country has to face the unsuspected challenges and warnings from the several fronts. Even India is the fatalities of terrorism, hence, it becomes a worldwide threat now, Said Rajnath.

We stepped forward for our defense mechanisms. Not only this we are also planning to spend 130 Billion Dollars on military alterations in the upcoming years. He also said that the manufacturing and defense platforms have become a pivot policy under “Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan”. The words of Defence Minister regarding the policy of Domestic Manufacturing and Defence Platforms.

Later he added that “The government has also taken steps for the Defence Sector over Seventy-Four Percent via automatic route and hundred percent via government route which directly builds the import and investment from foreign”. Regarding the current standoff, he assured the country that the “Government won’t let country’s pride be vandalized. And we are working to resolve borders dispute as soon as possible”.

He also drags opposition statements that they use to say Defence Minister should tell the country about the standoff of china, hence, I would like to inform you that whatever I will say, will only say it in parliament clearly and legally. And not mislead the country’s people.  In the Aero India Show, he informs that “the conversation going on between both countries at a military and diplomatic level. And the discussion on June 6 was positive between both countries, in which China agrees to resolve the current tussle with India.


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