A very disheartening news came from the India China borders on Monday night. Indian army soldiers were sacrificed in a violent face-off with the Chinese troops. The incident took place at the Galwan Valley of Ladakh. The Indian Army told that 20 soldiers were killed in this violent act by the Chinese troops. The face off has escalated the tension between the two countries. The incident taking place when both the countries were in between of a disengagement regarding the stand off which began six weeks ago has given fuel to the whole scenario.

Claiming their innocence, the Chinese Army and foreign ministry blamed the Indian soldiers for starting the violent act. They said that the Indian soldiers made the move by provoking the violence and crossing their territory. PLA western theatre command spokesperson Colonel Zhang Shiuli said that the sovereignty of the Galwan  has always belonged to China.

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Galwan has a principle role in the memory of the history. Sino-Indian clash as it was the principal Indian post that was overpowered by the Chinese in summer of 1962 – and was one of the main markers of the beginning of the war.

From that point forward, Galwan had been a peaceful region of the LAC. Unlike other points, this is a point where where Indian and Chinese soldiers do not come face to face. But with this move by China the tables have turned.

While a Chinese guide of 1962 stretches out its limit up to the Shyok river. It is the zone of conflict today. For India, Galwan was constantly observed as a zone where the lay of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) was not contested, not at all like in different spots like Pangong Tso, where there were covering claims.

As a result the first face-off started on May 5-6 when the Indian Army observed that the Chinese Army was trying to pour in the disputed area of the Galwan.

According to the Indian Army the formation of Chinese troops at the Galwan region was unexpected. As it the season for PLA to conduct excersices at their traditional grounds at Kangixwar and Xaidulla they never thought something like thing might be coming up. Indian soldiers claimed that the Chinese violated the agreement and the spirit of the border. Instead of confining their troops to their traditional grounds they expanded the troops around the region.

Addressing the nation about the incident and praising the sacrifice of the Indian soldiers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the sacrifice if the soldiers will not go in vain.

Keeping the incidents in mind there have been certain changes and decisions made between the countries in order to resolve the matter. Some of the highlights from the address are:

  • A video conference meeting which was organised on June 23 between Russia, China and India has been postponed to a later date. The meeting was held between the foreign ministers of the three countries. A new date has not been announced yet.
  • European Union has asked both the nuclear developed nations nations to show restraint and talk.
  • The foreign ministers of both the nations have communicated over phone and want to cool off the border tensions as soon as possible.
  • Russia welcomes the decision of de-escalation by the two nations.
  • Indian Army and the Chinese Army are in talks to defuse the tension at the borders.

At the end of the address Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the foreign minister observed two minutes silence for the Martyrs.

#WestandwithIndianArmy is trending on Twitter and people are showing their respect for the martyrs via posts.



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