Pakistan started being trolled by netizens on google’s $10 billion investment in India. One of the latest news says that Google is about to invest $10 billion in India for the betterment of the digital economy of India. According to a survey India is on the 2nd number for the most internet using countries. India is a developing country. And every day we are developing ourselves as well as our nation. in this era where everyone is going through a very tough time, no doubt India is the country to whom every country and every person has expectations.

After the mighty vision of India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narender Damodar Das Modi aka Narendra Modi’s Make in India. Most of the multinational companies have started to invest in India, therefore many countries are feeling jealous of India. Well, no doubt we have a strong leader for us, who is taking India on peak but we are also playing an important role in this. for the betterment of our country for our India. Everyone is thinking about their benefits, therefore, the worlds’ biggest companies are investing in India because they are seeing their benefit in this developing country.

Prime Minister of Pakistan on Google's $10 Billion Investment in India

When Google Announced To Invest $10 Billion In India

when Google CEO Sundar Pichai tweeted that Google is about to invest in India for the betterment of India’s digital economy. netizens got the opportunity to poke Pakistan on this. well, there is nothing to poke Pakistan but some of the people from Pakistan doing deliberately the acts so that their country can be in the list no matter in which manner they are staying, but somehow it shows that they keen to do all the creepy things knowingly just for being in the limelight.

recently a Pakistani journalist tweeted a sarcastic tweet which is totally different from the situation, actually, she wanted to say that it’s not a big deal if Google is investing in India we are also using google it will not impact us, but somewhere or others it shows that she wanted to take hype on this statement hence she tweeted that “So, what we’ll still get google doodles” well, it will be going as it is. So far we have this much information stay tuned for further information, stay up to date stay in touch


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