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IMMJ2: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 Written Episode 16th April 2021: Vansh Get Kyara Murder Evidence


We are back to excite our readers with the astonishing update of the upcoming episode “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2” on 16th April 2021. The show is following its theme through the season and keeps involving a lot of suspense in their scripts. The back-to-back trouble in the life of Vansh, Kabir, and Riddhima are the main highlights of the story. Whenever they decided to live their life peacefully a new hurdle is waiting to disturb their lives. The spectators already watched in the previous episode that Riddhima and Vansh are trying to find out the truth of Black Box and tattoo.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Kiara who knows the truth of both the things is found dead and her cloth was torn from the back and the tattoo is also removed from her back. Vansh believes that is not the case of suicide in fact this is a case of assassination. Now let’s see what new is ready to unfold in the upcoming episode, the show begins with Riddhima.In her room, someone wrote in the mirror with red color and she gets scared after reading it and removes the message. While erasing it the colors fell down on her face.

Vansh comes there and asks her to calm down and get relax and then he cleans her face. He asks her Are you playing with it? She says no someone was trying to play with me. He says nobody has a right to play with you except me. Then both get romantic and then he says he can never see her in pain and he is always with her but if you are going to create problems in your life on your own then I also can not do this. On the other side, Ishani tries to find something and Angre caught her in Aryan’s room.

Ishani accuses Aryan of the assassination of Kiara but Aryan refuses it. Ishani continues to say that if you do not assassinate her then why you are not allowing her body for Autopsy. On the other side, Vansh is trying to find out about the killer of Kiara and he plays his call recording in which he hears the voice of Kiara and thinks she called him before her assassination. Angre called the doctor for the Post Mortem of the dead body of Kiara and Vansh says the truth is not going to hide and it will come out soon.

We will see tomorrow what happens next in the upcoming episode but to know this the readers have to read our all articles related to the show. The viewers also can watch this episode of “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2” on the Colors channel at 7:00 PM. Stay grooved with us for more such updates.

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