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IMMJ2: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 8th June 2021 full episode written update: New Problems in Riansh Life!


The episode begins with Vansh is angry with Ridhima, while she will going to give her best to get him back in her life. The reason why Vansh is angry with her is that she had been destroyed by the “Tear of Laila diamond”. Thus this creates a difference between them, Vansh wondering why she hadn’t listened to him and took this step.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Later Rodhima regrets it and now she will be seen trying to ask for an apology and get back his love again. Vash loves her a lot but he is angry and ignoring her. Thi behavior of him making ‘her teased and hurt. So, she will apologize to him and shower ‘more love to him. On the other side as we all know that Ridhima is pregnant thus is still worried for her and his baby. Whereas Vyom is in another face he is dressed as a Sardar to execute his plans and he is keeping his eyes on everyone as he has a plan so, to execute it he first analyzing everyone.

On the other side, Ridhima’s so-called friend keeps on touching her and demanding her to give her money, fame, and identity otherwise she will be going to kill her husband. Ridhima is really worried and upset. Her friend even tries to warn Ridhima by goes to Vansh and injecting him with the wrong dose who will gong to kill him. But Ridhima somehow conveniences Sara and ensure her that she soon will going to offer her everything which she has been demanding. After this Ridhima goes to Angre and she asks her about changing identity. But Angre is unable to help her.

Then in the next scene, we will be going to see that Vyom reaches the swimming pool and Sar is enjoying the pool meanwhile he clicks her picture and the to one his assassinate and orders him to fetch information about her. ‘Vyom di so because he gets to know about Sara’s and Ridhima’s deal and wants to know full detail. Later we will see that Radhika has been in an unconscious state in the corridors. Vansh notices her and he takes her into the room where Rodhima holds his and requests him not to go anywhere. The episode ends here. Watch it on colors tv.

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