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IMMJ2: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 5th July 2021 full episode written update, Riddhima Regains Consciousness!


Today’s episode begins with Ridhima as she asks Vansh that where he was the last night. She says that she searched him everywhere but he was not there. He asks that why she came behind him and what she saw there. Ridhima says that she had not seen anything. He asks her not to go anywhere before an hour. She asks if she went somewhere then, He looks at her angrily. Ridhima says sorry and makes him sure that she won’t go anywhere.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Here, Dadi and Vyom meet with each other. She asks him why he is here. He says that he can’t go anywhere as they both are connected now. He threatens Dadi. Dadi asks him not to say anything to Vansh. She warned him not to mess with Vansh as he is not in a good mood. He asks her if she is trying to threaten him. Vyom says to her that Vansh can kill her too. Dadi gets nervous. Aryan collides with Vyom and says sorry. Vyom threatens him and asks that why he is not picking up his calls. Aryan refuses and says that he also knows about this game and a good player.

Here, Angre informs Vansh that the Thailand project has been stolen by someone. Vansh says how. Angre says that he has no idea. Vansh asks who else knows about their project. Angre says Aryan. Vansh how he knows. He says that he told him when he was preparing for his anniversary. Vansh says that he wants to meet him. Vansh enters the room and calls Ridhima. He gets angry when she sees that Ridhima is not there. Meanwhile, she comes out of the house and tells her that she was in the washroom. She asks him why is he behaving so strangely.

Ridhima says that she is feeling like she is in military school. He says that he wants a kiss. She asks he is doing all this for a kiss. She asks him to drink water then she will kiss him. He refuses then she will drink then. Vansh throws the glass saying he has the right to touch her lips first, not the glass. Ridhima says ok. Vansh kisses her. He takes her on the bed and asks her to not move since the glass pieces clean. Ridhima tells him that Vyom is the hotel manager. Vansh leaves the place angrily. Ridhima will get to know that Vansh doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday. Watch the episode of “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2” only on the Voot app.

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