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(IMMJ2) Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 31 May 2021, Full Episode, Written Update, Riddhima Gets Proof’s


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Riddhima as she is stating that it is going to be visible to anyone and then Vansh calls it a really big problem and then he stated that he knows how to solve the problem and then she firmly ask him about the solution as he covers all of it with the help of his shirt and then they went on to the poolside as they started romancing and then in the background music starts playing as he fully embraces her as he is asking her to what has happened and she stated that so much has happened and she further stated that when she was held captive.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

She thought that things are going to go downhill from here but then he came in to rescue her and she stated that she trusted in their love and she was aware that he is going to find her no matter what and she further stated that nothing can separate them in this world as she even stated that even destiny cannot separate them, and then she goes on to say that she needs a promise from his side that he is never going to leave her no matter what or else she is just going to die,

As he kisses her after that and then she again repeated that she cannot even think of getting separated from him as she kisses his hand after stating that and then she stated that she is going to love him till her last breath as he further stated his every breath is only for her and then she stated that her breath comes to a halt when he is not around her as her dream has finally ended as she further stated that please don’t leave Vansh and then she went on to look into Vyom’s room as she entered the room through the balcony.

She puts her steps on to the railing as she slips and then she tried to balance herself, then she closed her eyes as she is trying to look down and then she goes on to keep her sandals there and she finally enters the room and then she notices a bindi on the mirror that is in his room and then she goes on to check his room and she finds out that there are many things that are of a woman as she checked his drawer and she started wondering if there is someone staying with Vyom.

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