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IMMJ2: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 29th May 2021, Written Update, Riddhima Consider Vansh!


The episode on Monday will bring a lot of twists and turns for the main lead and the serial is becoming more appealing day after day. Well if take a look on the previous episode then it was jammed up with lots of problem for Ridhima and Vanshs. We have seen that Ridhima faced numerous issues and problems due to Vansh as she played a game with Vyom of fake love so that she can save Vansh’s life.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

While this was created a difference s between Ridhima and Vansh. He thought that Ridhima was a cheater but he was unaware of the truth and that she was doing all these for him only. But in the last episode, we have seen that Vanhs gets to know about the truth and he felt regret for his behavior with Ridhima. He even felt blessed to have such a living girl in his life. Well in the last episode it was emotional to watch them hugging each other and crying.

On the other side in the upcoming episodes, we will be going to see that Rshiamanbad Vansg is going to express their feelings to each other and even asks for apologies. Hence this will go to exciting for the viewers to watch them together. As we all know that Vansh is in regret and feeling loved he decide to give a surprise to Ridhima. Then he plans a surprise for her. He is super excited when he is planning it.

Vansh puts flowers and letters in Ridhima’s room. When Ridhima wakes up she m]notices them and becomes happy as she knows that it is from Vansh and he is the only one who can do this for her. She holds those roses in her and smiling a lot. Then she realizes that Vansh is coming and when she checks he is actually coming. While what has been written in the letter is still a secret 0while tp now what’s inside a letter you have to watch the full episode on Monday, 29 May 2021.

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