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IMMJ2: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 23 June 2021, Written Update, Riddhima Injures Herself!


Today’s episode begins with Ridhima as she says to Angre that she will never do anything that affects Vansh. Angre says to her then why she is not telling the truth. She says that when she told the truth, no one wanted to believe her. She says that she didn’t want to lie to him that’s why she didn’t swear on him earlier. He says that she has only 7 hours to keep her and her secret safe as Dadi has given him an order. She says if she asked him to kill Ridhima. He says that he is feeling sorry but she has 7 hours to set things right. She leaves from her leaving a parcel on the table.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Meanwhile, Ishani comes there and takes that parcel from there and calls the delivery boy Uday. She says to him that she wants to meet him. They both meet when he tells her that he works for a company that makes fake pregnancy reports. Ishani gets amused knowing this and thinks it is enough to expose Ridhima in front of Vansh. Ridhima enters her room and reminisces Angre’s words. She misses Vansh holding his photo frame. She recalls when Vansh confessed his love to her. While crying, she says that she always wanted a sorted but she didn’t get the same.

Ridhima says that earlier she was afraid of many things but now she only afraid of losing Vansh. She says that once Vansh returns she will tell him everything that is hidden from him. Suddenly, Ridhima feels someone’s presence in the room who is a trenchcoat man. When she catches him it turns out to be Sia. Ridhima gets shocked to see her and questions her if she has done everything that doll drama but she refuses. Ridhima warns her saying if she won’t tell her the truth, she will call Vansh. Sia agrees to tell the truth and tells her that she has done that doll drama as she learned her truth that she is not pregnant and fooling everyone.

Sia says that she wanted to expose her that’s why she did all this. Riddhima asks her then why she was following her wearing this coat. She denies it. Ridhima says that she is telling lie again as she noticed her bracelet when she kidnapped her. Sia says that the bracelet doesn’t belong to her as Chanchan gave it to her. Ridhima asks her to go to her room. All family members get a message from Black Mamba in which he asked them to meet him at 7 PM in the Banquet Hall. Everyone reaches there and waits for Black Mamba. Watch the whole episode of “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2” only on Voot.

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