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IMMJ2: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 11th June 2021, full episode, written update, Vansh Gets Suspicious!


The episode begins with Vansh fetch Ridhima in his room at night while in the Morning he tells Rodhima to level from his room. Then Ridhima says I don’t understand who loves this much as he took me her in his room. After Ridhima leaves from there, Vansh picks the coffee cup, and he enjoys it. On the other side, Rofhima goes ut in search of Sara.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Then he sees that Sara is in the swimming pool. Then Sar asks her what is she doing here, Ridhia tells her that she has to click her photos for the false documents. While Ridhima is clocking Sara’s pictures she gets a call from Thapa, she says that I’m clicking pictures and will send them to you in a while. Then Sar asks her what is she doing is she trapping her sister-in-law. After this Ridhima keeps her phone aside.

Ridhima claims to her the I’m nir trapping her, all I’m doing is protecting you. She also claims that if Angre news about you then he will kill you. Sara tells her so what, Sara picks Ridhima’s mobile by mistake. Later we will see that Ishani is taking a bath meanwhile she use to recall Angre as light has gone and she gets scared. After this, she feels the voice of someone’s feet and some has lighted up the room and it is Angre here in the room.

After this, they use to hug each other and Angre asks her whether she gets afraid? Then he showers love on her and tries to make her keep on smiling and happy. Then Ishani asks him to leave from here as her mood is nad while Angre asks her whatever she is fine or not. In the next scene, we will see that Angre and Ishani selecting pictures together. After this, we will see that Angre and Ridhima hide while Ihani is searching for Angre. After this Thapa calls Vanhs and he tells him that Ridhima calls him to prepare fake documents. And the episode ends here.

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