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IMMJ2: Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 1 June 2021, Written Episode Update, Riddhima and Vansh Life In Danger!


The episode commences with Riddhima as she is thinking about the conversation between Sia and Ishani and gets puzzled about it. She recalls Vansh seeing his pictures and thinks about what Vansh would do if he was in this situation. She again watches the video recording and notices that the video is recorded in the same hotel. She asks the manager about the room number. Riddhima goes to that room where a girl is cutting down the picture of Vansh and her finger gets cut. She runs away from there when she realizes someone enters the room.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

Riddhima enters and feels that someone runs away from there. She notices Vansh’s pictures there and gets shocked to see blood on the picture. She leaves thinking if she is injured then she can find her easily. Riddhima comes to her room and starts missing Vansh. She notices a cute toy there that says “Love You Mom” along with a note. Riddhima imagines Vansh again and says to him that she won’t let him go. She hugs him tightly and then realizes that it’s her dream. Vansh comes again but this time, she doesn’t meet him then Vansh says now he is for real.

Vansh asks her to relax. She hugs him and asks him to stop all these games. Vansh nods. They both confess that they missed each other very much. Ridhima asks him to stay with her only. He takes her to the bed and asks her to sleep. They both talk about their baby. Riddhima gets sleeps holding his hands. Riddhima wakes up and not find Vansh with her. She starts finding him. She cries thinking it was her illusion. But later realizes that it was not her hallucination when she sees that toy and note.

Riddhima reminisces that she finds a doll at Vyom’s residence. She asks Vyom about it. She asks if he did something wrong to a woman and her kid. Angre asks her not to think about him as he is doing everything for gaining her sympathy. Riddhima asks but why? Angre says to her that he is become a criminal and can do whatever to get that diamond. He asks her about the diamond but she lies that she doesn’t have any diamond. Riddhima notices Vyom who is crying holding a saree. Riddhima takes his name but he asks her to leave. Riddhima questions him that why he is doing all this? To see what will happen next? Watch the full episode of “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2” on Colors TV at 7 PM.

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