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(IMM2) Ishq Mein Marjawan 2, 25th May 2021, Written Update, Riddhima Love For Vansh!


The episode begins with Ridhima who is locked in the box and asking for help. A girl comes there and saves her. Ridhima wonders about her and why she saved her life. Ridhima returns to the hotel and straight goes Angre and slaps him tightly. She mad at him for telling lie to her. He tries to make her understand but she doesn’t listen to him and reveals that she followed him and heard his talks with Vyom. Angre gets shocked to hear her and asks her to tell everything.

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2

After that, Ridhima shows him that diamond but Angre says to her that it’s a fake diamond. He tells her that he is following Vansh’s plan to astray Vyom. He tells him that it’s Vansh’s plan to faked Sara’s death. Angre asks her to come along with him. On the other hand, Vyom gets to know that the diamond is missing from its place. He gets angry meanwhile Sia comes there. He asks her about the diamond, she says that she doesn’t know and tells that he has a fake diamond. She also reveals to him that Angre is not with him as he is following Vansh’s plan.

Sia sees a flashback where she listens to Riddhiama and Angre’s talks. Sia tells everything to Vyom. She leaves from there saying she can’t even live without him. On the other side, Ishani shouts at Angre. She says to him that he doesn’t think about their baby’s future. They both yell at each other. Ishani leaves taunting Riddhima. Riddhima apologizes to Angre. She says to him that she shouldn’t steal the diamond. Angre asks her to stay out of all this. Riddhima questions him about Vansh. Angre says that everything will be revealed after 24 hours because he also doesn’t know everything.

In the next scene, a man will be seen etch the ground. Somewhere Vansh is tortured by a man. He asks him to hand over the diamond to Prince tomorrow otherwise he will die. That man comes there who was digging the ground and pours the coal on the ground. They find the tear of Laila (the diamond) in the coal. They say that Prince will get the diamond tomorrow. In the hotel, Angre tries to believe Riddhima that Vansh is fine but Riddhima’s heart says that Vansh’s life is in danger. Watch the full episode of “Ishq Mein Marjawan 2” on Colors at 7 PM.

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