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Imlie Serial Watch Today’s Latest Episode 7th Jan 2021: Imlie switch Off The Tv


We are back with the written update of your favorite serial “imlie”. Today’s episode begins with imlie and bade papa. Bade papa is chilling on the couch while enjoying old songs. imlie switch off the tv and ask him to teach her. imlie goes towards the kitchen to get her books. She thinks she will not feel awkward if she will divert her mind to other things. on the other hand, Aditya is scolding Malini for letting imlie sleep in their room. Malini says it’s our second night after the wedding so until he becomes romantic, she will not enter the room. the moment Aditya lifts Malini and wishes her the second night, imlie sees them from distance.

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imlie gets back to bade papa and solves math problems, but at the back of her mind, she is still thinking about Aditya hugging Malini. bade pap ask how you solve the problem so fast. then Badi maa call bade papa and he walkaway. Malini says I have heard from Rupali and Nidhi that you like studying, so why don’t you join my college. Adi tells Malini that he has received a call from her mother for the Pagphera ritual. Adi tells Malini that soon Imlie will go back to her village, so she won’t be able to continue her studies.

Imlie says yes Aditya is right and bade papa is teaching me. Malini says you cant decide your fate. Both of them leave. While imlie burns the shirt reminiscing Adi hugging Malini. Malini packs her clothes for pagphera rituals. Malini calls imlie and takes her along with them to show her book collection at home. she says you come with me and select what books you want to read. Adi with Malini enters thinking the distance between becoming Mrs. Chaturvedi and maa is shortening. Anu and Dev happily greet and hug them. Malini then calls Imlie. Imlie enters carrying bags.

Imlie is having fun with servants and jollying around them. While servants are going to the dining table to serve food as they will be scolded if they get late. Imlie sees that servents forget daal bowl. She brings the daal bowl along with her but unfortunately her trolley crashes and she drops all the daal over Anu. Anu yells at Imlie. Imlie panics and says I will clean all the mess created by me. On the other hand, Malini tries to coll down imlie and ask her to stop. she says mom will not ask her guest to work. Dev asks Malini to not stretch the issue. While imlie says there is nothing wrong if I clean my own house. She cleans the house. Malini and Aditya look at imlie. but they can’t do anything about it. Stay tuned for more updates.




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