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Imlie 27th September 2021 full episode written update: The Truth Of Fake Pregnancy Come In Front Of Grandmother!


Imlie 27th September 2021 full episode written update: Today’s episode begins with Imli as she is cleaning the kitchen. Sundar asks her to do a study. Malini comes there and asks Imli to clean her room as dirt is not good for the child. Rupy says to Malini if only Imli can clean her room. Here, Anu gets angry seeing dirty jail and says that she wants VIP treatment. A lady constable comes there and gives her food calling her aunty. Anu asks her don’t call her aunty, call her Mrs. Chaturvedi. The lady constable threatens her and she gets afraid. One of Anu’s cellmate introduces herself and tells her the name of herself.  She tells her that she has been jailed on the charges of killed 5 people.


Anu notices that the constable is fulfilling all the demands of Rajni. Anu thinks why is she fulfilling her demands. Anu gets scared when Rajni shows her knife. She shouts for help. Rajni receives a call from someone and gets to know that a girl is missing whom they kidnapped. She says that all the planning has been done so they need to arrange some other girl. Anu tells Rajni that she can arrange a girl for her. She takes Imli’s name.

Here, two government officers arrive at Tripathi’s house and tell family member’s that they have to check if any underage child is working at their house or not. Pankaj says to Sundar to bring his card. Sundar brings it. They ask for Imli’s card. Pankaj says that Imli is their daughter in law but they don’t believe him. They say that she looks like a servant so they have to perform some formalities. Imli asks Pankaj to calm down and she will show them her card. Pankaj goes to make a call to Aditya to tell him everything. The officers ask Sundar to bring tea for them.

Later, Imli signs some papers and also shows her ID card. The people suddenly cover her head and takes her from there. Here, Meethi prays for Imli’s well-being and suddenly the bad omens happen. She gets worried. Aditya asks Pankaj if he noticed the name of the officers. Pankaj gets to know that Imli is missing. They blame themselves for leaving Imli alone. Nishant tells everyone that the Child Labor Department didn’t send anyone for inspection.

Here, Imli comes to her senses and threatens the kidnapper. She says that she can face all of them alone. The kidnappers put their guns at her. Imli then sees the other kidnapped girls and gets shocked. Dulari accuses Malini of Imli’s missing. Meethi makes a call to Tripathi’s house to know about Imli. She gets worried knowing that she is missing. Aditya asks her to calm down. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Imlie” on Star Plus at 08:30 Pm.

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