Home News IAF Pilot Killed In Road Accident Video CCTV Footage Explained

IAF Pilot Killed In Road Accident Video CCTV Footage Explained


IAF Pilot Killed In Road Accident Video CCTV Footage Explained: Recently, there a piece of news came out on the internet that a Malayali Air Force pilot was killed in a road accident in Assam. What exactly happened to him. Let’s discuss more in this article. Malayali Air Force fighter pilot Sukhoi, flight lieutenant George Kuriaksoe who was 25 years old died in a road accident in Assam on Friday. The car has driven by the native of Kizhakambalam in Ernakulam District. According to reports, the car was rammed into a trailer on the Golaghat Highway en route to Jorhat from Tezpur. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

IAF Pilot Killed In Road Accident

IAF Pilot Killed In Road Accident

The people who were in the car have died on the spot. When this incident has happened, people are just taking photos and videos. They were standing there, taking out their phone, making a clip, and saving in the photos. Only a few people were helping there and calling the ambulance or cops.

What cops did do in the present situation?

Police identified that the person who is died. He was a youngster whose age was around 19-20 years old. Cops also reported that the youngster died on the spot. Now cops have taken their bodies and go for the postmortem at Golaghat. Doctors are still finding the cause through postmortem. The co-driver of the trailer have sustained serious injuries in the accident. George was the son of former SBT Manager PP Kuiakose of Pakkamattathil, Velloor, and Gracy Kuriakose, a teacher at Kizhakambalam. His brother is Jikku Kuirakose. His family members were so sad after hearing this news. When the news reaches his family members, they will be deeply saddened and started crying. His brother, his mother, his father, his relatives all were sad because they lost a family member who is someone brother, someone sister, someone father, and someone mother.

What do his family members say about him?

One of his family members claims that he is going with his friends for a vacation to enjoy life but they never knew that this will happened to him. The incident has broken many people’s hearts, especially his parents. On social media, this news is circulated at a very fast speed. Everybody shared the tribute for him and gave RIP Comments. Many say that My best wishes are always with him and with your family. May his soul rest in peace. Another one wrote, From the bottom of my heart, my prayers are always come first for you, and those who do this will definitely be punished.

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